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As a teacher and college administrator, I provide active learning experiences so that we can expand our consciousness, apply and develop our intuitive abilities, connect with our spirit guides, and realize and understand the unlimited power we possess.
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Often I am asked, what will a spiritual reading, attending a workshop, or reading one of my books do for me. In simple terms, my purpose is to help you find harmony and balance in your daily life and to recognize the obstacles of mind, body, and soul that are preventing you from realizing the peace and joy that is your nature state of being.


It is a privilege and an honor to serve you. I greatly appreciate the trust you put in me to help your heart to heal, your mind to expand, and your soul to be inspired.  Please enjoy this site and I encourage you to share your ideas, concerns,and inspirations.


Create a beautiful and peaceful day for yourself.

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Get even more connected with one of my many workshops. Check out my calendar to see if there is an event near you soon.


To offer meaningful evidential and inspirational messages from loved ones in spirit as a medium, and to provide insight and wisdom from higher consciousness about the soul’s journey.


Mediumship reading is to connect you with your loved ones that have crossed over into the world of spirit and/or your spirit guides so that they can provide you with support, encouragement, and enlightenment.


Provide you with insight on your soul agreement of your current incarnations and to understand how your current life relates to the karma and relationships that you manifested in past incarnations.


Chakra Balancing and Alignment readings is to evaluate your seven chakra energy centers and to determine what chakras energy centers can use alignment.


“It is my passion to promote the recognition of your infinite consciousness, the continuity of your life, and the laws of nature so that you may heal and discover a greater sense of contentment, joy, and peace.  You are a miracle maker and to recognize and implement the beliefs of your higher self will empower you to believe in the innocence of yourself and your sacred connection to God. “


– Geof Jowett

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