A Sitter’s Role in a Spiritual Reading ~ Geof’s Monthly Message March 2018
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A Sitter’s Role in a Spiritual Reading ~ Geof’s Monthly Message March 2018


A Sitter’s Role in a Spiritual Reading

One of the main intentions of writing my new book, Lasting Impressions A Medium’s Cherished Message from Spirit, is to help you to understand the important role you play for your spiritual readings. You, as the sitter (receiving the reading) have an active part in welcoming your loved ones, to communicate to the medium, during your reading. You, as the sitter contribute greatly to the success of the reading.

Your loved ones, in spirit, communicate during the reading to support, give you direction, offer gratitude and appreciation, and inspiration to help with the progression of your soul and the circumstances of your earthly life. It is important that you listen carefully, document the information, and provide confirmation, when asked by the medium. Most importantly though, just be aware of what you sense during your reading. Messages are often accompanied with passionate feelings you can perceive, during communication with spirit.

When your loved ones visit during the reading, they present evidence of their presence, by sharing warm-hearted memories and specific information so we know who we are communicating with. Evidence is provided not to prove mediumship, but rather, it is to help us know who is communicating from the spiritual realm. Once you know the presence of the specific loved one, they will then provide the encouragement, compassion, wisdom, or advise that may be helpful to your life, your career, your family, and the obstacles that you may be experiencing.

Many times, a sitter will not completely comprehend their messages at the time of the reading. There is always homework for the sitter to take the messages they received, and review them several times to obtain more clarity and meaning. I encourage clients to record their reading, or to take notes since some of the information presented might not make sense, at the time of the reading.

The best advice, I can share with you, if you receive a reading, is to limit you expectations, be open-mined, and have an open heart. The spirit world supervises the reading process and determines what love ones from spirit will visit and what aspects of your life will be of most help to you at the time of your reading. You might get encouragement for learning a new skill to enhance your career, or to have more understanding about a family matter from a fresh perspective, or how to overcome something you might be resisting. share their loving wisdom. Allow those from spirit to share for they know what is best for the development and healing of your soul.

Remember, if a specific loved one does not come through during your reading, ask for them. Do not try to test the medium, if you want to hear from mom, dad, or a partner then request if they are open to communicate. Some spirits liked to be asked to join in the communication. At the end of the reading be thankful and appreciate all those who came to share loving kindness and some enlightenment for you. Life is eternal and love is forever .Amen.


New Book Released by Geof!


Lasting Impressions commemorates my twenty-five inspiring years as a professional intuitive medium providing messages from spirit that gifted the sitters and me with precious messages of kindheartedness and inspired insight. It is my hope that this book can help you to better understand the purpose of mediumship, and most importantly the various types of messages that are provided.

The genius of mediumship is the brilliant wisdom, expansive understanding, and affectionate feeling of thoughtfulness it offers those open to accept it. The process of mediumship entangles four main aspects: the medium, the sitter (the person receiving the reading), spirit, and the messages.  In order to help you to better appreciate the mechanism of a reading, the philosophy of mediumship, and to get the most out of your readings, I have organized the book into these four aspects of a reading; the medium, the sitter, the spirit, and the messages.

Please note that you can order Lasting Impressions on my website at www.geofjowett.com or through:




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