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“The field is an intimately interconnected field of energy and everything in the universe. Our bodies, thoughts, and feelings are all part of it.”

Geof Jowett’s Journey

Death has always fascinated me because I wondered what was next. I collected dead animals in the neighborhood; turtles, birds, fish, and squirrels so that I could study them up close and try to figure out why they no longer responded, breathed, or moved. In respect of the animals, I would bury them in the backyard after my studies concluded. From time to time I would dig up the carcasses later to see if they were still there.

I was raised Catholic, and in grade school, as an altar boy, I used to love to get a notice to get out of school to work at a funeral. I wanted to get as close to death as possible so that I could try to better understand it. What was that body doing just lying there? Where has the life force gone, the soul? Why were the relatives of the dead so sad if they believed in God, angels, heaven, eternity, and all that stuff? The church could not answer my questions though; it was always about having faith. I knew that God was not what I was taught, so I spent many years exploring many religions only to find that the best place for me to connect with God was in nature.

My quest for understanding death, and therefore life, continued throughout my teens and twenties with my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in biology. I figured that I could study living things on the cellular level to get a better understanding of the life force. Cells are very complicated and fascinating little energy changing systems. Cells convert energy, use energy, and create more cells; little life factories. Perhaps I was on to something. But a very important experience happened to me my last year of college, one that would change me forever. I was asked to join my premedical classmates in preparing a cadaver for the next term anatomy class. I will never forget “the body” being wheeled into the lab. Amazing! To hold the heart, the center of our feelings, in my hands and feel and see with my own eyes that it really exists. The human brain, an organ unmatched by anything man could create with all its grooves and valleys, the center of logic, analysis, and thought within my hands. But what about the organ called the soul? I knew it was not in my anatomy book, but there had to be an organ, something physical that I could feel and see associated with the soul. To my disappointment there was not such organ. So how can “the body” in front of me no longer sustain life if it had all the organs, chemicals, and cells, to live?

My quest for the life force continued in graduate school as I decided to pursue the study of life on even a smaller level; molecular biology! I wanted to understand how life functioned on a smaller degree within our bodies. Was there something in the DNA, RNA or proteins that could help me understand the soul, the spirit, or some life force? An important law of nature is that in biological systems the structure of things determines their function. But ultimately I always come back to the word “energy”, whether studying the body, a cell, or DNA. So, our physical body is composed of organs which are energy, cells which are energy, and molecules which are energy too. But my greatest lesson in graduate school did not come from within the lecture halls or the laboratories; rather it came from a child! As a graduate student at Roswell Cancer Institute, I had to complete service hours as part of my academic program. My assignment was with Elizabeth, a beautiful nine year old girl with blonde locks, confident blue eyes, and a smile that warmed my heart. She was a leukemia patient, and had spent several months at the institute getting radiation and chemotherapy. Elizabeth wanted to play Candy Land and I agreed. As I got lost in Lollipop Woods, and then got stuck in Molasses Swamp, Elizabeth made her way to Candy Castle winning the game. She told me that all the older people were afraid of her because she was dying. With a deep gulp, and a panicked look on my face, she assured me with a grin that I should not be afraid of her because she was going to heaven, and she was going to get to take better care of her mom, dad, and little brother. I was shocked at the candor that this little soul possessed. How can she smile with the pain and suffering she has been experiencing, and knowing too that death was right around the corner?

The next week, I returned for my service duty, and found Elizabeth waiting for me, as if she knew when I was coming back. This time she had The Game of Life in front of her, and I somehow knew this was not by chance. With another angelic smile she told me it was my spin at life. From new children, pay days, family trips, and taxes due on our journey to Millionaire Estates she sensed my fear of her death; a 9 year old girl. She spoke freely throughout the game about climbing over rainbows, fingerpainting the sky with God at sunset, singing with angels, and dancing a polka with grandpa in heaven. I could only respond with a half smile and a nod. She was so sure, so at peace with her situation, and knew without a doubt that these things would come to be. She asked me the most difficult question of my graduate program; how can I make sure mom and dad understand? I told her to tell them what she told me, and show them with the same smile.

The following week I came to play with Elizabeth again, but she was not at her usual table. One of the nurses came over to tell me that Elizabeth passed that Tuesday, with a smile and the faith of an angel. The tears of a twenty-three year old could not be held back. I wept, not so much for Elizabeth, rather my tears were for me, since I had so much to learn, so much trust to gain, and so far to grow. I was so overwhelmed that this little soul taught me so much about life over Candy Land and The Game of Life, the most significant lesson of my graduate program!

Science provided only some of the answers I was interested in. Physics is demonstrating that everything in the universe is energy; known as “the field”, or the mind of God. The field is an intimately interconnected field of energy and everything in the universe. Our bodies, thoughts, and feelings are all part of it. There is an interesting concept known as entanglement in which things that have been connected physically, and then separated act as if they are still linked (think how this applies to your loved ones that have crossed over!!!!).

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is eternal. If this is so, then every thought, emotion, memory, feeling, and experience is eternal. Our consciousness exists with no limitations. The only limitation is the physical aspect of us. I was learning that God and energy were synonymous.

So after reading many books related to God, energy, nature, mediumship, and alternative healing, attending workshops, and meditating for hours, I began to touch the surface of a whole new interesting world invisible to the eyes, but open to the heart; the world of spirit. The most astonishing law of all was the realization of the continuity of life; that we are eternal aspects of God!

My career took me on the path to discover more about natural law and life, I worked in the biotechnology field for seven years and then taught college biology, and anatomy at four colleges. My emotional intelligence was enhanced tremendously as a dean of students at an art college, and then a college for alternate and complementary medicine.

As a medium and intuitive, I provide you with the opportunities of communicating with your departed-loved ones and spirit guides. It is a very healing and enlightening experience to have a spiritual reading so that you receive a better prospective about your life, your soul’s journey, and to maintain your connection to those that have crossed over to the world of spirit.

As a teacher and college administrator, I provide active learning experiences so that we can expand our consciousness, apply and develop our intuitive abilities, connect with our spirit guides, and realize and understand the unlimited power we possess. My workshops are designed to engage you in individual and group exercises, meditations, discussions, exploring and developing your intuitive abilities, and to help heal. Workshop sizes are limited to less than thirty so that each participant can receive specific and individual attention needed to expand, grow, and develop their abilities.

Besides my spirituality, my passions in life include actively participating in fitness activities, especially running, yoga, cycling, swimming, and weight lifting. I have been a personal trainer for many years, and enjoy helping others learn how to take care of their bodies. Music, theater, hiking in nature, star gazing, and eating chocolate cake are also frequent delights.

Please enjoy this site and I encourage you to share your ideas, concerns or inspirations. Create a great life for yourself.

Much Peace,
~ Geof