April 2016 – Signs and Symbols From Your Loved Ones in Spirit
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April 2016 – Signs and Symbols From Your Loved Ones in Spirit

“Symbols transform abstract concepts, ideas and beliefs into tangible things that we can touch, see, hear, taste, smell and understand. Symbolisms bring power to the abstract concept, and also to the object that symbolizes it.”(BizShifts- Trends)


This quotation is from a marketing journal and effectively captures the essence of spirit communication; the use of signs and symbols from your loved ones in spirit to get your attention. From the world of spirit, your loved ones are essentially marketing their beliefs, tender feelings, encouraging ideas, and love to you using unique and personal signs. The purpose of my monthly message is to help you understand how to recognize and understand the messages given to you from the other side.

There is a continuous communication of messages to you, from your soul family members that have crossed over to the world of spirit, even if you are unaware. Often you are encouraged to accomplish things, follow a path that with promote healing, inspired to make a choice that best serves the development of your soul, provided caution with a decision that could cause stress, anxiety or worry, or you may be enlightened with a brilliant idea or belief. Pay attention for the loving and wise advice gifted to you moment-by-moment.

Signs and symbols are presented to you with a personalized and unique style that best influences your overall feeling and beliefs. Just as road signs guide you on a trip, significant signs direct you on your earthbound journey. It is most important that you establish a series of signs to help you to easily recognize them on your path. I encourage you to select signs related to your passions (i.e. sports, gardening, cooking, music, painting, etc…). You will be more likely able to recognize and feel signs and symbols associate with your delights, passions and desires.

Just as advertisers use symbols to get you to notice their products, your loved ones in spirit are constantly getting your attention. Effective communication with your loved ones in spirit means that you recognize the sign and importantly, understand and comprehend its meaning. Commonly, there is a literal meaning and more notably a symbolic association with the sign. For example, my maternal grandma was a big baseball and tennis fan and she knows I too like sports. She often sends me signs associated with tennis and baseball (literal) but symbolically she can be saying don’t foul, strike out, or hit a home run (symbolic). Intuitively I know the meaning at that moment the sign is present because I feel it!

I recommend at the conclusion of each day, for you to reflect on signs presented to throughout the day. Pay attention to repetitive signs and symbols. It is important to consider the signs, make associations with the signs, and assign meaning to the signs so that you get guidance, encouragement and support from them. You essentially assign meaning to the signs based on your own life experiences. Ask yourself these questions when presented with a sign:

  • What comes to the foreground when you see, feel or hear the sign?
  • What draws your attention to the sign?
  • How do you respond to the sign?
  • What do you do with the information about the sign?

Signs come in all forms from a song on the radio, a conversation you over hear, an item in nature, a billboard, a logo on a shirt, a sentence in a book, or a phrase in a movie and so many other ways. Creatively, spirit enthusiastically offers messages in so many innovative ways.

There will be times that a sign does not make sense to you. Just ask for continued support with more signs to help you understand their messages. If a sign seems wrong then it usually means that there was incomplete or improper interpretation in the message. Ask others, especially family and friends that might have know the loved one, to help understand the meaning of the sign.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “We are symbols, and inhabit symbols.” You and your loved ones are the symbols of each others loving existence. Trust your inner voice and know that you can feel all the signs that encourage, support, heal, and inspire. Namaste

Geof Jowett
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