August 2015 – A Scientific Mystic: On Being A Medium
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August 2015 – A Scientific Mystic: On Being A Medium


IMG_3174Enlightenment is remembering your heavenly essence as a divine being of light. The process of enlightenment does not require completing studies, classes, workshops, ceremonies, or achieving a title or degree. Enlightenment is simply removing the obstacles that we have accepted and built against the nature of our sacred and true self.

For as long as I have memories, I have concentrated on removing the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual barriers that have blinded me from knowing the light being I am. I frequently ask questions about someone’s ideas and values and I have contemplated the beliefs of the religious, social, educational, and cultural institutions of the past and present to better know myself. Any institution or person that implies that I am not aspect of Source and that I need a savior or mediator to express myself with God does not resonate with me.

A purpose that I am passionate about, is to explore the philosophy, mechanisms, science, and functioning of the occurrence of mediumship as they have been revealed to me in my life experiences. I have always been able to feel sensations outside the normal scope of my physical receptors, hear sounds outside the range of the human ear, and see visions at frequencies outside the normal visual spectrum.

As a toddler, in my crib I began communicating with beings of consciousness that did not present themselves in any form I could explain. They were compassionate and very wise teachers of universal law. There was no way for me to verify their existence or to justify why they had chosen me to speak with. I just knew them to be real and true to my consciousness.

These enlightened being explained to me that I was going to be a teacher of the forgotten ways of the soul. I was to be a healer, unlike the doctor of the physical body, but more an inspirer of the sacred ways of the soul.

The reasoning of science is to expand our knowledge with definable and observable facts and data. It has always been my passion to know and understand the essence of the unseen world by learning technical principles and the scientific method of reasoning.

My studies in the educational pursuit of both a Bachelors and Master’s degrees in the Natural Sciences, and my decade of career experience in biotechnology, allowed me to explore the molecular and cellular understandings of our biology. The emphasis of my studies and research focused on the structure of DNA and the cloning of genes. I was in the pursuit of the mechanisms of the physical aspect of our being because intuitively I know that they modeled the truth of natural law. And now years later, we have come into the knowing of the importance of DNA activation and healing and I understand why I was insightfully led to study this field.

As a college anatomy and physiology instructor, I learned and shared the structural genius and masterful functioning of our physical bodies. The truth of natural law is expressed in the atoms, cells, tissues, and organs of the physical body. The universal understandings of the unseen aspect of ourselves are revealed in the intelligence of our physical design.

One of my most memorable college experiences was dissecting a human cadaver and witnessing, on my own, the truly amazing design of each internal structure. The heart with memories of love, the brain storing the mind, (or so I so natively thought at this time in my evolution) but where is the organ I could define the specific location of the soul? The more I learned the more questions I had in understanding the astonishingly complex, but exceedingly organized temporary vehicle of our soul.

As a personal trainer and fitness consultant I observed how the stresses and anxieties of a person’s career and family was routinely reflected in their overall health and well-being. Dis-ease and dysfunction are complementarily enhanced in the physiology of our physical body. Disease is truly a helpful teacher calling attention to an opportunity for surrendering and healing. Unlike many of my academic colleagues, I researched and read for many years about the interconnection between our thoughts, feelings, emotions, karma, and our physical bodies.

Science has limitations in fully describing the unseen and mediumship, but philosophy allows the rational exploration of the truths and principles of metaphysics from the experiences of being. The great philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Campbell, and scientists like Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, and psychologists like Rudolph Steiner and Carl Jung have provided many interesting perspectives of the organic universe and the limitless mind.

Our rational mind has limitations in perceiving, studying, and explaining that which is unseen and undetectable aspects of cosmic awareness, even with all our sophisticated scientific equipment and highly developed principles. With all the advancements in science and technology, there are still many interesting ideas creatively concealed by the boundaries of our realization, in the wisdom of universal consciousness.

As my career supported my evolution, I was graciously offered the position of anatomy professor at an art and design college. Yet another fresh perspective presenting the masterful art and design of the human body to students they perceived ideas and concepts in a more abstract and creative ways then my traditional healthcare students. Clearly, I was the student learning to see artistically with inventive and imaginative eyes the genius of life. My clairvoyance perception was strengthened and my ability to feel and understand signs and symbols was greatly enhanced with the many artists demonstrating all aspects of expression, not defined by a traditional scientific formula.

Next, the universe wisely prepared me for my greatest career challenge, which was to develop my clairsentience and intuition with helping students understand the circumstances of their lives as a dean of students. There was nothing more colorful as a day with managing the thousands of students exploring the boundaries of authority and discovering their emotional selves in day-to-day campus life. It certainly provided me a live moment-by-moment opportunity to use my intuition and expand my emotional intelligence. Even more interesting, was to mange all these students within a very dysfunctional college managed by a harsh and rather authoritative family. But I grew tremendously from the experience and was gifted a greater opportunity to be in charge of student life at a university for alternative medicine. Here more windows opened my mind and my consciousness expanded more then I knew possible, understanding the human being as an energy system with enhanced insights.

My life as a student is continuous as I read, meditate, study, lecture, discuss, and write about the boundless abilities of our consciousness. As we continue to explore the limitless liberties of the authentic universe, the expansiveness of the collective consciousness, and the astonishing wonderment of the reality of our spirit, we experience the wonderment of truth and our virtuous existence. So many wise teachers to remember the truth like Jesus, Buddha, Dali Lamia, and Chief White Eagle just to name a few.

I have explored so many different religions and cultures and their unique ability to define truth. The foundation of my faith was Catholicism and I spent many extra days around the church aside from Sunday. I talked to the saints and angels that provided me comfort and the wisdom that I seek. I have participated in many religions and enjoy the wisdom that they share. I am not a religious person but I am a person of great faith and strong beliefs about a Source that we are all apart of.

Many times people tell me I am gifted for my ability to witness, seek, and comprehend my intuition and to communicate with spirits. But I remind them that the gift is in honoring my true nature and providing the stillness within my mind to hear, feel, and see the truth of our universe.

Numerous cultures and societies have histories of talking with spirits and celebrating the messages as the word of God, the voice of angels, the expression of universal consciousness, the voice from the ancestors, and shamistic messages just to name a few. I share these ideas with you that have helped me understand the universal nature of divine intelligence.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story of enlightenment ,only as an example of one of millions of souls that experience the universe with a conscious and disciplined awareness. It is my hope that you can become more familiar with the art, science, and philosophy of mediumship and connect with your loved ones in the spiritual plane. Namaste

Geof Jowett
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