August 2015 – Newsletter – Your Etheric Body
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August 2015 – Newsletter – Your Etheric Body

The lowest vibrational layer of your subtle body, that has direct contact with your physical body and sustains your life, is the etheric body. It is often referred to as your human atmosphere and contributes to vitality and health.

Your etheric body is the connection to the divine and absorbs and distributes the vital force energy of the universe to your entire physical body. It is the bridge between your outer physical world and your inner energy world.

Etheric comes from the word ether which means “the state between energy and matter.” Your etheric body is composed of Aether (ether), an electromagnetic energy layer that extends from one half to two inches around your physical body. It appears as a bluish or light gray layer of unrestricted, free flowing energy and is often referred to as the vehicle of chi or prana. Your etheric body is an energy matrix or web of light with tiny energy lines branching out over the entire body. Your etheric body anchors every cell, tissues, and organ within the physical body. It truly is the divine thought manifesting your physical presence.

The etheric body is the vital life sustaining force of your living being and sustains contact of your physical body with the higher subtle bodies and attunes your consciousness to the principle of energy. Etheric energy is known as bioplasm and it is located around and within all my cells and tissues of my physical body. Bioplasm functions as the framework or blueprint for the shapes of all my cells, tissues, and organs .

With its constant flow of pulsating energy it conforms to the shape, appearance, and condition of your physical body. In fact, it is referred to as the body double and serves as a matrix or model of your physical body.

Ideally, your etheric body maintains a free flow of energy into your physical body to provide for your physical health and wellbeing. Since your etheric body is a transmitter of all energies to your physical body though, all types of energy, good and bad, flow through it to all organ systems within your physical body.

Dis-eases of my etheric body are caused by restriction or energy blockages, or sometimes, too much energy flow within my body tissues. When the energy flow is disrupted, restricted, amplified, unbalanced it can manifest as pain, disease, or an illness in my physical body. Emotions and thoughts can be responsible for the disruption of energy flow within my etheric body. Long term limited thought forms and emotional fears commonly get me stuck in automatic negative responses to stress and anxiety.

Overstimulation of the energies within the etheric body can result in over activation of systems within your physical body; especially the two main regulatory nervous and endocrine systems of the physical body.

Obstruction or limited energy flow can produce congestion within your etheric body and subsequently cause blockages within the organ systems of your physical body. Every congestion physical condition can be directly linked to an etheric blockage.

Mastering control of my etheric body is the main objective to heal and elevate the vibration of my etheric body. All healing is a conscious process of self-healing. Healing is a continued process and involves the concept of balance and harmony.

Healing is your opportunity to grow and evolve spiritually. To get to know your divine and eternal self is to heal. The ego is the source of dis-ease and human suffering. It brings barriers of emotional fear and guilt and mental illusions of attachment, sacrifice, and judgment. Negative energies can be embedded within the aura for many years and from past incarnations and can result in having unhealthy spiritual, mental, or emotional patterns and cause physical illness. It has been stated that over 90% of all physical illnesses are directly associated with the lower negative energies confined within your etheric field.

To heal the disruption and imbalances of channeled energy within your etheric body it is important to align the root cause of the dysfunction. To discover the root of disharmony and the cause of the main energetic disturbance and realign and energize is key to the healing process. To re-educate your emotional and mental truths and recognize and reconnect your spiritual body to Source are important for the most optimal healing for the total body with any dis-ease.

To heal shift and alter your vibration to the higher emotions of love and thoughts of unity and oneness. To eliminate all resistance of fear and replace it with the free flowing vibration of light.  To heal your etheric body repair, rebuild, and realign your energy with a nurturing light and positive energy. To release and let go of negative thoughts and emotions will help unblock the channels within your etheric body.  Meditation of white light surrounding your aura and entering into the etheric body with rainbow colors, like a prism.

Many peace, harmony and balance be within your etheric body so that you have have healthy and happy existence. Namaste

Geof Jowett
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