August 2016- Your Mysterious and Miraculous Aura
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August 2016- Your Mysterious and Miraculous Aura

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.12.54 AM“Humans are open energy systems, composed of an auric field of energy circulating around a physical body, continuously exchanging energy with the universal energy field.”


You are a being of light; a multidimensional field of energy referred to as the aura. Your aura is a dynamic, interactive, and open field of energy within and around your physical body. Your energy field is constantly changing according to your thoughts, feeling, emotions, beliefs and attitudes and is influenced by external environmental factors.

It is important to understand the anatomy and physiology of your energy field, so that you can optimize your health and well-being. Dr. Richard Gerber wrote a book called Vibrational Medicine in which he creatively presented the layers of the auric field like octaves on a piano.

The lowest octave of energy of the aura is referred to as the etheric body. This thin layer of energy can be seen easily around a person as a slightly darker gray and is the chi or prana field. The etherial body energizes the physical body so that it can perform the thousands of physiological reactions that sustain life of the physical body.

The next octave of energy, within the auric field, is the emotional body which houses all the emotions from love to fear. This colorful energy field can be inches to feet around your physical body and it allows you to sense life experiences. Your emotions are like a GPA System, helping to guide you through your life experience in the physical world.

The mental body, of your auric field, is the next highest octave of energy and is used to process logic and cognation. All thoughts, knowing and awareness, and even psychic abilities are perceived and processed in this energy layer, which can extend a foot or more from the physical body.

The astral body is the next successive octave energy layer, of the auric field, and is used to explore other dimensions of consciousness. During the dream state or meditation consciousness can travel to others planes of existence through the astral body.

The highest octave, of the auric field, is the soul body, the permanent aspect of your being. Within the soul body all information of the soul’s existence, including its karma and past life experiences are stored.

As a being of consciousness, your mission is to maintain balance and order in your energy field and to allow energy to freely circulate through you. Your aura has the ability to shift universal energy with your consciousness toward a higher vibration of love, or toward a lower vibration called fear. The choice is yours. What you think, feel, believe and the emotions you participate with all influence your health and well-being.

Dysfunctions and ‘dis-eases’ develop in the physical body strongly influenced by the energy of your etheric body, the emotions in your emotional body, the thoughts and beliefs of your mental body and the karma of your soul body. All aspects of your auric field influence one another and can encourage good health or promote disease within the physical body.

The chakras are major energy centers within your auric field to assist in the transformation of consciousness as presented in my most recent book, The Power of I Am Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness. To learn more about the chakras I invite you to read my book.

I am now offering both a new auric field workshop and an energy body mentorship program on how to harmonize and energize your auric field to optimize your overall health and well being. Also, please remember that I do offer chakra alignment and energy balancing readings to help you understand the dynamics of your energy field and what experiences, situations most influence your energy field. I look forward to serving you and helping you to understand yourself as a mini-universe of energy that you rule through your thoughts, emotions beliefs, and feelings. Align, balance and harmonize to manifest your desires and wishes. Namaste


Medium Geof’s New Services



Understanding the Energy Dynamics of the Auric Field Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to appreciate the anatomy and physiology of your energy field, and its components, such as your etheric, emotional, mental, astral and soul bodies. Leaning to sense and understand the aura field and its purpose. Interact and share with participants on how to release the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that cause dysfunction in your life, and disrupt the natural flow of energy within your aura. And most importantly, practice how to align your energy field to promote good physical, emotional, and metal health and well being through meditation, self-reflection, and conscious exercises. The workshop can be designed for 2 hours, 4 hours, one day or two days.


House Calls

 I now offer house calls to clients in southern California (or if I am traveling to your area) for mediumship demonstration readings to groups of four or more. Demonstrations can complement parties, celebrations, dinners, or other social gatherings. Contact me at to find out more about hosting a mediumship demonstration.


 Mystical Mentorship Program

Program Topics:

  • Developing Your Intuition (5 sessions for $350)
  • Mastering Your Energy Body (6 sessions for $350)
  • Communicating with Spirit (5 sessions for $350)

The purpose of the Mystical Mentorship Program is to share metaphysical ideas and the teachings of the masters, recommend resources, and to provide an opportunity to develop your understanding and enhance your philosophy of natural law.  You can learn from the comfort of your own home one-on-one or with a small group of friends. Using my scientific knowledge, academic experience, and intuitive exploration I will encourage the use of developmental exercises and specific references that can help you achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness. Each one-hour session (in-person, Skype, or telephone) will be an active interaction of topics and review exercises assigned from previous session. Suggestions will be provided to help optimize your understanding and develop your innate spiritual ability. Each program is customized to your requests for inspiration, healing opportunities or enlightenment wishes to help you on your path toward higher consciousness and inner peace.

Geof Jowett
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