Geof Jowett | Medium Booking
As a medium Geof provides detailed evidence and perceptive messages from your loved ones in spirit. As an intuitive, Geof offers awareness of your soul’s path, karma and past lives. Blending his scientific experience with his intuition, Geof can recognize imbalances within the aura and chakras and provides methods to achieve healing. With over twenty years experience as a college anatomy and molecular biology instructor, Geof also provides custom mentorship programs and workshops on subjects such as; developing intuition, mediumship development, exploring your karma, sensing auras and chakras developing meditation.
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Schedule a Service Today!


I greatly appreciate your business. Please take a moment to schedule your appointment by completing the information below. Payments can be made using PayPal, mailing a personal check, or paying with cash at the time of your appointment. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me at 562-355-0525 or e-mail me.


  • Mediumship Phone Readings
    • 30 minutes ($80)
    • 45 minutes ($110)
    • 60 minutes ($145)

  • Mediumship In Person Readings
    • 45 minutes ($110)
    • 60 minutes ($145)
    • Mediumship Gallery reading of 2 -4 people for 90 minutes ($235)

  • Additional Spiritual Readings
    • Psychic Ribbon reading 45 minutes ($75)
    • Chakra balancing reading 45 minutes ($75)
    • Soul Progression reading ($185)

  • Mentorship Program
    • Intuition Development of 5 sessions ($350)
    • Mediumship Development of 5 sessions ($350)
    • Human Energy Field of 5 sessions ($350)