Chakra Balancing and Energy Alignment readings
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Chakra Balancing and Energy Alignment readings

The purpose of a Chakra Balancing and Energy Alignment Readings is to scan your energy body and determine where you are imbalanced so that harmony can be returned to this aspect of your energy being.

You are a package of quantum energy within ‘the field’ of universal energy. You are composed of a series of interacting multidimensional energy fields consisting of parallel planes of consciousness. Your unique ability as a soul is that you can actually transform energy to a higher (love) or lower (fear) frequency through different levels of consciousness.

A dynamic, vibrating energy field exists within and around your physical body. Energy moves in and around you through predictable patterns and through definable pathways called meridians. Your total body is composed of energetic layers superimposed upon one another in the same space.

As an energy system, you are open and free to continuously exchange energy with the universal energy field. Your energy field is constantly changing according to the emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions you create within your consciousness and by the environmental energies that you are exposed to (people, places, and situations).

Your mission is to keep your energy field harmonically balanced and circulating with a constant flow. Disease is caused by blockages and imbalances within your energy field and can result in mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual ‘dis-ease’.

Your total body is composed of the following bodies from lowest frequency to highest frequency: physical, etheric, astral (emotional), mental (intelligent) and casual (soul). Your physical body is the only aspect of you that is temporary; it houses the soul and provides a solid, stable foundation for the other energy bodies to form around.

Your higher energy bodies are often referred to as your subtle bodies and compose your aura field. The etheric body is your vital chi, electromagnetic energy that attunes your consciousness to the principle of energy and provides health, life and organization to the physical body. The astral body houses your full range of emotions from fear, hate and sorrow to love, happiness and joy. Your dreams, fantasies, out-of-body experiences, visions and lower psychic abilities are generated in your astral body. Your mental body is involved with your mental consciousness, knowing, ability to discern, have thoughts, beliefs, concepts and your higher psychic abilities. Your casual body is your true soul consciousness, your higher self and is the repository of the sum total of all your lifetime experiences gained through successive incarnations.

You have seven specialized energy centers in your subtle bodies referred to as chakras. Your chakras act as transformers to step down the higher subtle energies of your etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies and they translate the energies into responses into your physical body (hormonal, nerve and cellular responses). All seven chakras are interconnected and are along the midline of your body. They are truly the connection between your subtle body and your physical body and demonstrate the interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul.

Each chakra is associated with various archetypical patterns of consciousness that will be reviewed in more detail in the June monthly message. To maintain the constant, balanced and consistent flow of energy through your chakras is to ultimately sustain your overall energy, emotional and mental well-being, physical health and your soul ‘fitness’.

You are a being of energy that is constantly vibrating with various frequencies according to your consciousness and the universal energy field that you exchange energy with. Your emotions, thoughts, feelings, words and actions affect your energy body. There is an energetic interaction between your mind, emotions and physical bodies. To maintain a harmonious and constantly flowing energy body will prevent dis- ease. It is important to take time everyday to consciously align, balance and energize your energy bodies to maintain vitality, health, well-being, and to experience life with more joy, happiness, and peace.

The purpose of Chakra Balancing and Alignment Readings is to evaluate your seven chakra energy centers and to determine what chakra energy centers are in need of balancing and stabilizing. Brief messages are provided from loved ones in spirit to help you understand where you are losing energy within your energy body. The emotions, thoughts, feelings and physical dis-ease is explored and suggestions on how to maintain balance and harmony within your energy body. Affirmations, activities, crystals, meditation exercises, flowers, music and prayers are offered to help you maintain a healthy energy body.

To help you maintain and harmonize your human energy system I would like to provide an energy healing session. The purpose of the Chakra Balancing reading is to scan your energy field to determine what chakras are not spinning in the proper frequencies, help you resolve what the emotional, mental or environmental issues may be that are influencing your chakras, and to help you to realign your chakras so that you can effectively determine where your

During chakra balancing, we will do a sound and light meditation to scan your chakras to determine where you may be losing energy. Intuitive Medium Geof will then provide insight through a mini reading to determine what some of the potential causes of the chakra imbalance may be. Following this, you will be provided valuable affirmations, energetic activities and cleansing exercises to maintain your chakras. If you are experiencing stress, physical ailments, emotional challenges or mental blocks, it can be helpful to align and harmonize your energy body so that your chakras can process energy more efficiently.

Psychic Ribbon Reading

Intuitive Medium Geof uses over 20 colored ribbons to provide insights on soul agreements, romance, career, family, spiritual development, health and wellness, and general life path questions during the reading. The individual color of the ribbons and the combination of the color pattern will provide insight and guidance as Geof related the colors to your auric field. Prepare several questions before the reading and you can take photos of the ribbon combination patterns.