December 2015 – Sitting in the Presence of Your Divine Self
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December 2015 – Sitting in the Presence of Your Divine Self

IMG_3742“ To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem. To meditate means to observe. “~Oswald

Gift yourself this holiday season with the blessings of sitting in silence, for a few moments each morning, to listen and feel the greatest teacher, the most therapeutic healer, the wisest counselor, the most encouraging coach and the most enlightened tutor: your higher self.

Your higher self is the ‘christed’ child, your guru, waiting to be born within your mind. Visualize seeing your sacred and divine self from above the limitations of your physical nature. Imagine feeling the presence of your inner sage from the perspective of a loving, kind, and joyful soul.

To sit in the power of your soul is a simple and very natural meditative process. When you first wake up, go to your favorite chair or cushion and comfortably sit in stillness. I prefer to use the same chair each day that is near my altar.

Focus on your breathing and slow it down! The rhythm of your breathing influences the pace of your thoughts. Gradually slow down your breathing to decrease your thoughts. Inhale for a count of 4 -6, hold your breath for a moment, and then steadily exhale with the same count as your inhalation.

After a few moments of controlled breathing, focus your attention on the atmosphere around your physical body: your aura. Without judgments, just as an observer, witness what emotions you are carrying within your emotional body. Breath in the emotions of love, kindness, compassion for self, happiness, and joy. Exhale the lower vibrations of shame, fear, guilt, and depression. Observe what is encouraging specific emotions and visualize your emotional body healed and harmonized. Release that which no longer serves your higher self.

Next, bring your attention to the thoughts within your intellectual body. Discover what beliefs, ideas, or views you carry within your aura. Embrace the ideas of peace, tranquility, forgiveness, and acceptance. Exhale the lower thoughts of doubt, judgment, anxiety, and resistance. Reflect and examine what life situations are causing specific thoughts and surrender those that no longer serve your higher self.

Now witness yourself from the sacred perspective of your soul. Feel the divine presence of Source within your soul body. See yourself as a heavenly light and sense the presence of universal consciousness within you. Accept the knowing that you receive through your higher self. Recognize the inspirational ideas and enlightening thoughts that come to you in silence.

Know thyself! The daily observation and reflection of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings you carry within your energy field will help you to truly know who you are. You are the choices you express, think, and believe. Sit in the power of your divine self and recognize yourself. See and feel your heavenly light. Namaste


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Geof Jowett
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