DO Disturb the Dead ~ Geof’s Monthly Message February 2018
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DO Disturb the Dead ~ Geof’s Monthly Message February 2018

Each and every spirit is on a continuous excursion of enlightenment by remembering that they are one with Source. If the spirit is incarnated in the physical plane, or has returned to the spiritual plane, the mission is the same: know thyself. Your loves ones, that have passed into spirit, continue their journey of rediscovering the essence of themselves as divine and sacred love; just as you do.

Your soul family consists of your ancestors, close friends, and family members – living or passed – and telepathically you are interconnected to the entire group. You share thoughts, dreams, and feelings with your entire soul family subconsciously through your psychic mind.  This important link is significant since you can continually connect with your soul family to share your journey. As one member of your soul family progresses or heals, through an event or circumstance, they can influence their entire soul family. ‘All for one and one for all’, as the saying goes.

I share this precious information with you because it is very common that when a client comes to a spiritual reading, they are concerned that they are ‘disturbing the dead’. First, death is not real, your consciousness is eternal. Your loved ones in spirit may not always be available to share insightful messages, but this is very uncommon. Often, I council clients to spend a few moments early and late in the day to telepathically send well wishes and inspirational thoughts to loved ones in spirit. Play their favorite song, go to a preferred restaurant, do an activity that you and/or they enjoyed, or drive to a location that is special to you both.

It is essential that you do not spend all your energy and thoughts with just them; spirit often reminds loved ones during reading to participate fully in your life, and maintain active relationships with family and friends – new and old.

Receiving a spiritual reading does not disturb your loved ones as long as you limit your communications to several per year. Give your loved ones in spirit time to heal, inspire and develop but know that as they grow they will encourage your development as well. For so many of you, spirit has enthusiastically to share insights through a medium and are excited when you take time for a visit with a medium.

Know that you do not need a medium to communicate with your loved ones. There is constant communication with your soul family through many creative signs and symbols. Take some time each day to pay attention to what messages are gifted to you.

My new book Lasting Impressions A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit provides a greater understanding of mediumship from the perspective of the medium, sitter, and spirit. I invite you to purchase a copy so that you can better understand how messages are communicated and more importantly how to make you more aware of the signs and symbols used by your loved ones in spirit.


Geof relessed his new book!


Lasting Impressions commemorates my twenty-five inspiring years as a professional intuitive medium providing messages from spirit that gifted the sitters and me with precious messages of kindheartedness and inspired insight. It is my hope that this book can help you to better understand the purpose of mediumship, and most importantly the various types of messages that are provided.

The genius of mediumship is the brilliant wisdom, expansive understanding, and affectionate feeling of thoughtfulness it offers those open to accept it. The process of mediumship entangles four main aspects: the medium, the sitter (the person receiving the reading), spirit, and the messages.  In order to help you to better appreciate the mechanism of a reading, the philosophy of mediumship, and to get the most out of your readings, I have organized the book into these four aspects of a reading. Each section will emphasize certain aspects about a reading. Although all four aspects of a reading occur in every reading I will emphasize these four aspects within sections.

Writing Lasting Impressions strengthened my gratefulness for the miraculous messages received from spirit over the years. As I reflected on my experiences as an intuitive medium, I realized how spiritually mystical and divine each soul is, and that souls maintain an everlasting connection. Life is eternal and love is forever.

Please note that you can order Lasting Impressions on my website at or through:

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