Feb. 2016 – Encouraging Love From Spirit
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Feb. 2016 – Encouraging Love From Spirit


“Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.”

As a medium, I get the privilege to share the wisdom, affection and encouragement from those souls in the spiritual plane. It is an honor to be the messenger between the physical and spiritual planes and witness the kind support and helpful insights that are gifted to you from those that truly love you from their higher perspective in the world of spirit.

I am often reminded, by your loved ones in spirit, when I offer a reading, I am speaking on their behalf and therefore they must respect my work and trust in my intentions. It seems as though they choose a medium, or rather encourage you to choose a specific medium, to allow their messages to come through with clarity and truth. Therefore, your reading begins far in advance of the actual meeting time with the medium.

Within the spiritual realm, your loved ones telepathically link you to certain mediums that they feel can efficiently communicate their messages. Also, your loved ones in spirit creatively join spirits with common concerns to the same medium to reinforce their messages. For instance, relatives in spirit have come to me in clusters by how they passed (suicide, specific illness or disease, accidents, etc…). Loved ones in spirit can bunch together based on specific earthly concerns like work, family, health, money, or romance issues. Also, groups of specific relatives like mothers, fathers, children, aunts, or grandmas have directed me for a day, week or month. It is fascinating that one week I may connect with moms in spirit that all have concerns about a family member’s physical or emotional health and another week grandmas might come through from spirit to provide advise on how to find passion and happiness. There always seems to be a common theme and this allows me to become more effective at providing advise from your loved ones in spirit.

Most recently, throughout December and January, many clients requested support and encouragement for changes occurring in their lives. The wise souls in spirit remind you that the only thing constant is change. Everything changes and your resistance to change can cause pain and suffering. Changes in your life can make you feel uncomfortable and distressed. There are always so many “what ifs…”.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of moving, dancing, and changing; even you are changing with each thought and action you express. Just by you accepting the universal truth that change is constant and happens to all things and all beings should be valuable. Your perception changes constantly based on your moment-to- moment experiences. How you see the universe and yourself within it, changes with a variation in your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.

Trust in the universe. Faith is believing in something that you do not know the outcome to or the process for a specific circumstance in your life. The universe is a master at maintaining balance and harmony with the Law of Vibration as often expressed by loved ones in spirit. Trust in the divine and sacred wisdom of the universe and know that the best possible outcome for your soul will be provided. Just set your mind to receive the best possible results.

Your soul came to have the physical earth plane to remember its divine and heavenly nature. Change provides an opportunity to reevaluate, reassess, and transform your beliefs, feelings, attitudes and views of yourself and the universe. All great awakenings come through change. Inspiration to a new level of consciousness comes through change. Enlightenment, finding the light from within is encouraged with change.

Changes in your life allow you to perceive yourself from different perspectives. Imagine how different you see yourself from the view of a child verses a parent or even and grandparent. All the various jobs, relationships, homes, experiences and situations you create provide fresh perspectives about your life.

How you handle change determines your perceptions and consequences of your life experience. Allow change to increase your awareness of your higher self. Just as the river washes over the stone to smooth it, the smooth stone is then more adaptable to the changing flow so you can smooth your mind and heart with change. Your loved ones in spirit often communicate that change is your best teacher and friend.

Your loved ones in spirit have an enormous change in perspective when they leave the physical plane and are welcomed into the higher realm of spirit. Change occurs every moment of your existence just as you have read these words your view of change has changed (I hope). Do not resist that which is constant: change. Those in spirit have said most recently stated to surrender fear, release worry and doubts, and be one with change. Know that change will bring you home to your divine and sacred nature. Namaste

Geof Jowett
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