Finding Freedom by Letting Go ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ August 2023
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Finding Freedom by Letting Go ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ August 2023


Finding Freedom by Letting Go

One of the greatest gifts you can give to ‘self’ is to empower yourself by letting go of things, situations, people, and even thoughts that cause fear, shame, guilt or despair. The choice is yours and you are encouraged to create a life of peace, contentment, and joy.

Here are some suggestions of how to let go of lower vibrational situations, people, and things in your life.

First, be mindful! Become aware of those things that no longer serve you and are obstacles in your life and to your inner peace.

Second, Get to the core emotions! Get intimately acquainted with that which you want to release. Feel it, to heal and by identifying the lower emotions that are causing the suffering, fear, and/or stress.

Third, Accept what you feel. Acknowledge the lower emotions and do not resist them. Reflect on the root cause of the feelings and identify the key reasons for its existence.

Fourth, Manifest a miracle! Using affirmations, visualization and manifestation techniques, surrender the emotion and transform it to a higher vibration of love, acceptance, grace, light, and peace. Think of the opposite feeling you want to create and use the power of your mind to create that which is in your higher good.

Fifth, Release it! Proclaim your freedom by discharging the lower energies that inhibit your peace and contentment. Use a ceremony to assert your power to let go of the lower frequencies from your energy being.


May you be blessed with contentment in your heart and peace in your mind. You deserve the very best and you have the power to conqueror any inferior thought, emotions or feeling. And so it is!





Geof’s Workshops for August and September


Letting Go of Unhealthy Attachments Zoom Workshop

Attachments to fearful thoughts and lower vibrational frequencies creates a resistance to the natural flow of energy that harmoniously flows through your body. Let’s explore and understand the fears, guilt, shame, and angry that disrupts your consciousness field of energy through the art of letting go. You will recognize your attachments and use several techniques of surrender to restore harmony to your energy being, diminish unhelpful attachments, and achieve the freedom to be your natural peaceful nature.

This workshop will be four sessions of one hour each on Tuesday Evenings from 6 – 7PM Pacific (9 -10pm Eastern)

Cost is $125

Sessions On Tuesdays ~August 8, 15, 22, and 29 6- 7PM Pacific

Please mail Geof at to learn more or reserve  a space.



Masterful Manifestation Zoom Workshop

The Universe is always working with you! Your request is my command! You create the circumstances and perceptions of your on life. Manifestation is an active process of aligning your mind, heart, and spirit with creating precise results and fulfilling outcomes. Learn that the process of manifestation is not a passive process of wanting and demanding results, but rather a heartfelt practice of feeling, knowing, believing, and receiving that which you desire. Join me on a journey of exploring how to manifest! I will present an encouraging blueprint to build, design, measure, and live your desires. The successful tools of affirmations, visualizations and journaling, will be presented to build your thoughts into your reality. Bring a new journal to create  roadmap towards manifesting your passions.

Intuitive Medium, Author, Spiritual Artist, and Educator Geof Jowett will present this interactive and engaging workshop.

Sessions on Wednesdays ~ September 6, 13, 20, 27 from 6-7PM Pacific

Offered at $125

Please email Geof at to schedule for all four sessions.

Geof Jowett
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