Geof’s Monthly Message ~ Angels ~ May 2021
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ Angels ~ May 2021


The term angel is translated from the word messenger. Angels are most often defined as messengers of God. Sometimes the messages of angels are to warn of possible danger, instruct for a particular situation, inspire wisdom, offer healing, and/or announce joyful things to come.

Angels can be depicted as spiritual beings in many religions with the function of protecting and guiding earth bound souls and helping to carrying out God’s tasks. Many scriptures refer to angels and guardian angels as spiritual being created by God to serve him and to watch over the human race, to deliver his message and to guard and protect us from danger.

Some of the most recognized angels include Michael (he who is like God), Gabriel (the strength of God), Raphael (God heals) and Uriel (God is my light).

In Christianity, angels are often portrayed as spiritual messengers that are intermediaries between God and man. The Mormons believe angels to be messengers of God and are sent to earth to deliver messages, administer to humanity, teach doctrines of salvation, call people to repentant and to provide guidance. The religion of Islam believes too, that angels are messengers but they have no free will and can only act on what God requests.

Some of my earliest memories from my crib are visitations from four angels that shared their divine wisdom and graceful love. As messengers of God, my angels inspire me to the higher consciousness of love, helped me heal through my fears, doubts and worries, heartened me to help others and encouraged me to share the divinity and wisdom of God Source.

We are all angels as one of my favorite author, Don Miguel Ruiz shared with me one day. We are all messengers in ways we might not even be aware. Perhaps it’s the warm smile, the kind handshake or the motivating words you share with someone in your path. Be open to be a messenger of God Source and use your intuition to connect with your higher self to help heal with God Source’s grace and encourage with the wisdom of light, love and joy.

Each and every day you are presented with many loving and caring gifts. Bring your awareness toward appreciation and gratitude for what has been gifted to you.  Use your light to share these gifts. Be an angel and share the gracious gifts that you receive. Tis the season to be jolly! Create a beautiful holiday season and let your inner angel shine!!!



Blessed By Angels Greeting Cards

Blessed by Angels Greeting Cards

Each of the three Blessed By Angels Greeting Cards designs were created with nine of Geof’s angel paintings on the front, and a blank interior, so you may write your own personal messages inside. These all occasion cards are 5.5” by 4.25” and are packaged with an envelope. You may order packages of 6 cards ($11) or 12 cards($21) and share the blessings of angels with family and friends.



Blessed By Angels Oracle Cards


Geof created a 61-card deck of colorful oracle angle cards, from his vibrant acrylic paintings. The cards were created with the spiritual meaning of colors and specific sign and symbols, to enrich the words of wisdom on each card.

Angels encourage, heal, inspire, and enlighten us! Allow these angel cards to provide you with insight and guidance on our earthbound journey. The voice of your spirit is your intuition ~use your higher self to direct you on how to use these cards with the intentions of love and grace. May you be blessed by angels, and sense their messages through these images, and words that I have created with Heavenly assistance. This beautiful deck of 61 angel oracle cards (2.75′ by 4.75′) are made with smooth surfaces and are shipped in a custom angel tuck box. Each deck offered at $29.99


Blessed By Angel Paintings

Each angel is created with a specific color scheme to enhance the message of the angel. The spiritual meaning of colors are used, such as chakra colors, for the background, gown and items in the painting. Geof using acrylic on canvas to create the angel in a four-part process First several colors are carefully selected in the background to provide a vibrational energy to the painting. Second, the shape and color of the wings are created to complement the spiritual message of the painting. Third, the gown is painted to convey the purpose of the angel, and the direction the angel faces and the position of the arms also complement the message. Last, certain items are added to the angel to augment the message such as flowers or other symbols.

Geof can custom design an angel with a loved ones in spirit (including pets) or an angel that represented your karma and life pathing the archetypes of the chakras and the spiritual meaning of colors. He offers paintings in 5” by 7 ($38), 8’ by 10’ ($65), and 11’ by 14’($89).

Please contact geof at or visit his website at


Upcoming Events

Patagonia, Arizona

Geof is offering in-person readings on Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th. Please contact Geof if you would like an in-person reading.

Geof will be traveling to his hometown of Bemus Point, NY July 27 – August 20 and providing in-person readings. Several workshops will also be schedule in the next month.


July 30: Lily Dale, NY

Geof will be presenting a workshop on Understanding Your Empathic Nature at Lily Dale. Please contact Lily Dale to learn more.

Geof Jowett
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