Geof’s Monthly Message ~ Chakras and Your Energy Body ~ March 2021
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ Chakras and Your Energy Body ~ March 2021


Chakras and Your Energy Body

You are a vibrational being with a series of interacting multidimensional energy fields with different levels of consciousness that are parallel to one another and interconnected. A dynamic, vibrating energy field present within and around your physical body moves in predictable patterns, controlled by YOU.

Energy is circulated through your body along definable pathways like the branches of arteries and veins within my circulatory system. My thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions influence the circulation of energy in thousands of energy pathways called meridians, which run throughout my energy being.

Your goal, energetically  is to maintain your energy field in balance, equilibrium, and harmony with the universal energies that surround you. Your normal healthy body has a continuous flow of balanced energy circulating through and within it. Energetic blockages and imbalances can create mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual “dis-ease,” or energetic conflict, and resistance within your energy body. Resistance is in opposition to the natural flow of energy through my energy body. It is important for you to know what emotional, mental, or karma wounds or obstacles influence the flow of your energy.

There are seven major specialized energy centers, called chakras, in your subtle bodies that are interconnected to one another along the midline of my body. Chakras are clockwise spinning vortexes, or wheels of energy, associated with major nerve and glandular centers in your physical body. Your chakras are energetic centers of consideration and awareness that you use to create and manifest my consciousness.

The chakras act as transformers to decrease subtle energies from your higher energy bodies and translate them into physical responses in your body. The integration of the mental, emotional, and spiritual energies occurs within the chakras, and they influence and affect your physical body (i.e., the holy grail of the mind, body, and soul connection).

To learn more about your chakras and how to keep them align, please review my book The Power of I AM Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness. My books shares the Jung archetypes and characteristics of each of the chakras and how they influence the physical body. I provide flowers, music, gemstones, prayers, affirmations, yoga poses, and activities to encourage energy harmony. Namaste




Blessed By Angels Art

Please visit my new website to learn more about my acrylic angel paintings.



Geof’s Upcoming Events

Please note that for the first quarter of 2021, I will continue to provide workshops, mentorships, and mediumship gallery demonstrations online (Zoom) for safety and convenience. I will let you know when in-person events will resume in the near future. I do offer workshops, lectures, and gallery mediumship events at personal homes. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact me at

Developing Your Psychic Abilities with Ribbon Readings Zoom Workshop (Class in Progress)

Geof will teach you’re the spiritual meaning of colors and teach you how to understand color combinations as you explore your psychic abilities with 23-colored ribbons.

Presented on Zoom

With three 1.5 hour sessions

Thursday evenings from 6-7:30PM Pacific

February 11th, & 18th (third session is one-on-one with Geof and will be scheduled with your input0

Offered at $95


An Evening of Spirit Communication: Mediumship Gallery Demonstration Zoom Event

March 11th 6PM – 7PM (Pacific) ~ offered at $30 (SOLD OUT)
Medium Geof Jowett will demonstrate a variety of intuitive spiritual reading techniques such as mediumship, soul progression, aura and chakra assessment, and psychic ribbon readings. You may choose which type of reading you would like to receive. Encouraging and healing messages from your loved ones in spirit will be given to each member, as well as insights on karma, soul agreements, and energy body assessments. Experience the mystical magic of a loved ones in spirit expressing messages to someone they love.


New Mediumship Development Circle Class (only one space left)

I am pleased to be offering an on-line Mediumship Development Circle to help you develop your ability to communicate with your loved ones in spirit with a emphasis on ESP and psychic abilities. The circle will consist of no more than 8 participants, and you are encouraged to attend at least five of the seven Wednesday night classes on the zoom platform. Each 75 minute class with focus on one aspect of spirit communication relative to developing your extra-sensory perception. The class format will be the same each week with a prayer, mediumship exercise, mediation, mediumship exercise, and closing with a prayer.

Class dates: Wednesdays (March 17, 24, 31/April 7, 14, 21,&  28) from 6PM to 7:15PM Pacific

Cost is $135 for all seven classes.



Painting Your Guardian Angel Workshop

Paint your own personal angel during this two-part interactive workshop with the guidance of intuitive medium Geof Jowett. Everyone has the ability to connect with their higher self and to create an image of their guardian angel. I would like to provide insight into helping you select colors that reflect your aura and/or healing your soul seeks in this lifetime.


March 26th offered at $85

Note: Geof will provide a list of supplies such as an 8” by 10” canvas, paints and brushes once you register for the workshop. Class size is limited so register.

Two Part Workshop

Session 1: Friday, March 26th 10AM – noon Pacific

Lecture on The Meaning of Colors and Your Aura

Share examples of angel painting features

Paint the background


Session 2: 1PM – 3PM Pacific

Paint your angel wings

Lecture on Angels

Paint your angel

Angel blessing


To register for any event, please email me at Class limited to optimize earning. 🙏🏻💚


Geof Jowett
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