Geof’s Monthly Message ~ Connecting Points ~ February 2022
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ Connecting Points ~ February 2022

Connecting Points


Many times, when providing a reading for my clients, they express their concern that they no longer feel connected to their loved ones in spirit. From my over twenty-five years as a professional medium, and my own experience with my loved ones in spirit, I know from the depths of my heart that your loved ones do not leave you. Your loved ones in spirit continuously provide messages from the spiritual realm to encourage, inspire and offer loving kindness.

I would like to offer you some suggestions, of how to enhance your connections to your loved ones in spirit. You have sincere and profound emotional connections to your loved ones in spirit.  Celebrate those beautiful and magical moments with them.

  1. Play their favorite music and actively listen with your heart.
  2. Visit their favorite park or recreational area, and provide moments of stillness to witness their signs, and to feel their presence.
  3. Make their favorite dinner and/or dessert and set a place at your table for them. Savor the moment and feel their presence.
  4. Participate in a hobby or passion that they enjoyed and feel their love of sharing with you.
  5. Create an art project (paint, draw, journal, photography, dance, or sing) that celebrates your loved ones talents, personality, hobbies, etc..
  6. Watch their favorite TV show or movie and heighten your emotional connection.
  7. Set up a chair across from you and invite their spirit to the chair, and journal or telepathically have a conversation
  8. Dress in their beloved sports team jersey and watch their team play
  9. Establish an altar to commemorate their signs and symbols, and their passions. Include the whole family to contribute items to the altar.
  10. Go for a drive to locations or trips you enjoyed together and recognize the beauty of sharing quality times with them.


May you be blessed with many signs from your loved ones and most importantly, may you be blessed with still mind and an open heart to feel their love. Blessings


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Geof Jowett
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