Geof’s Monthly Message ~ December 2020 ~ 2020: A Year of Gratifying Awareness
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ December 2020 ~ 2020: A Year of Gratifying Awareness


2020: A Year of Gratifying Awareness


“Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you.” ~Deepak Chopra

Life is a game of perceptions, and 2020 reinforced my awareness of my perceptions. How I saw, felt, reacted, and responded to the usual circumstances of the year, defined my character and clarified my beliefs with passionate intensity.

I found 2020 to be very rewarding and fulfilling for I better understand what is meaningful to me, and important to heal and grow my spirit. I learned to be more accepting of myself, and I enjoyed spending quality time with my spirit. 2020 provided so many opportunities to have more time to read inspiration and historical books, write several book ideas, paint angels for the first time ever, walked every day, hiked several times per week, meditated at least twice a day, prayed almost daily, and cooked more meals (and did more dishes than ever before). I also discovered new ways to visit and communicate with family and friends using technology.

It is my hope that the fears perpetuated by ‘media’ and its manipulative leaders will not infect your life, and contaminate your mind. Fear is a poison that corrupts your awareness with anxiety, confusion, and, judgment.  You are a beautiful aspect of God Source with the limitless capability to manifest miracles.

2020 was a year to refresh my spirit, reset my priorities, relax my mind, and rejuvenate my service offerings. I share this message with you to encourage you to be aware of your sacred and divine self. Honor yourself and befriend your spirit by exploring your passions, aligning with your inner playful child, and gifting yourself daily moments of stillness. Inner peace is delicious. Blessings of light, love, and laugher to you!


Upcoming Events

2021 will begin with interactive zoom workshops, mentorships (one-on-one teachings), and spiritual development programs. I would be grateful if you can email me your ideas for how I can provide services, programs, mentorships, and workshops to help you expand your awareness and align more with your spiritual nature.

Workshop or Mentorship Programs:

  • Exploring Your Psychic Nature
  • Spiritual Development Circle
  • Developing Your Ability to Communicate with Loved Ones in Spirit
  • Developing Your Intuitive Abilities
  • Developing Your Meditation Skills
  • How to Automatic Write
  • How to Feel and See Auras
  • Aligning Your Chakras of Consciousness
  • Anatomy of Your Energy Body
  • Exploring Your Karma and Past Lives
  • Knowing Your Higher Self


Angel Paintings

Since November, I have been painting angels to inspire, enlighten, heal, and bring encouragement to you. Please join me on Instagram: @mediumgeofangels


Geof Jowett
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