Geof’s Monthly Message ~ March 2019 ~ Crystals and Vibrations
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ March 2019 ~ Crystals and Vibrations


Crystals and Vibrations

“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals, it is still a living being.” ~ Tesla

The great mother provides so much beauty and healing. Plants, flowers, minerals, vitamins, foods, medicines and pure water- all the things we require to sustain our bodies. Crystals are highly concentrated chemical matrixes that can store vibrational memory and catalyze specific frequencies of vibration to help you to be inspired, healed, or enlightened.

The vibrational frequency of a crystal, and its intensity, are determined by the chemical makeup, purity of the chemicals, color, shape, size but most importantly from your intentions. Edgar Cayce readings stated that colors are naturally the spiritualization of tone and colors influence a person more than musical tones. I highly recommend you read Dan Campbell’s book Edgar Cayce on the Powers of Color, Stones, and Crystals if you would like to fully understand the use of crystals.

I like to think of crystals as energy vortexes that can stimulate, intensify or store vibrational frequencies and memory. You direct the thought, feeling, and/or action and the crystal can help you align, harmonize, or enhance your intentions. I encourage the use of specific crystals for each chakra in my book The Power of I Am Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness. I present the chakras as centers of consciousness and encourage the use of crystals, music, yoga poses, flowers, prayers, affirmations, and exercises to align your chakras to enhance physical health and emotional and mental well-being.

As many books and experts that you speak to about which crystals are best for you, I recommend just feeling which crystals you can borrow on your path of healing and enlightenment. Use your own intuition and feel which crystals are best to support you. As Tesla states, I do believe crystals are beings of a unique and special energy.  Mystical and magical in sharing wisdom and storing memories, just as our own consciousness, crystals can inspire you on your journey Home.  Namaste


Of Special Note: May I recommend gemstones at Clarity Stones at for quality crystals at affordable prices.



Geof’s Upcoming Events


March 8th and 9th

Visions and Dreams/Costa Mesa, CA

May 8th : In-person readings

March 9th: Exploring Your Empathic Nature Workshop (1PM-5PM)

To reserve a seat or schedule a reading please contact  Visons and Dreams at (949)650-6929


March 18th to March 23rd

Aquarius Books and Gifts/Grants Pass, OR

March 18th to May22nd: In-person readings

March 22 Gallery Mediumship Demonstration (4:30PM – 6PM)

March 23rd Chakra Alignment Hike (8:30am-9:30am)

March 23rd Applying Your Intuitive Nature to Everyday Life March 23rd  (10AM – 4PM)

To register for these events,  please contact Aquarius at  (541)479-4000


March 25th

Walnut Creek, CA

Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self-Discovery (6PM -9PM)To register please contact Janine Ellis at


April 13th

Innerworks Wellness Center/Upland, CA

Understanding Your Chakra Workshop (1PM-4PM)

Gallery Mediumship Demonstration (6:30PM – 8:00PM)

To reserve a seat please contact Innerworks at (909)785-3389


April 27th 

Garden of Grace/Lomita, CA

Understanding and Sensing Your Aura Workshop (1PM-5PM

To register for this workshop,  please contact Garden of Grace at  (310)997-7018


May 4th

Desert Yoga Therapy/ Rancho Mirage, CA

Applying Your Intuitive Nature to Everyday Life Workshop (1PM – 4PM)

To reserve a seat please contact Geof at (562)355-0525


May 10th and 11th

Awakenings Center for Conscious Living/ Laguna Hills, CA

May 10th  In-person readings

May 11th Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self-Discovery (1PM -5PM)

To reserve a seat or schedule a reading please contact Awakenings at (949)457-0797








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