Geof’s Monthly Message~ May 2019~ Soul Advancement and Enlightenment
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Geof’s Monthly Message~ May 2019~ Soul Advancement and Enlightenment


Soul Advancement and Enlightenment

Your soul is perfect expression of the eternal and sacred God Source. There is no end or beginning to your soul, but there is a natural progression in the development, healing, and enlightenment of your soul. Your soul carefully plans each lifetime incarnation with the intention to erase ripe seed karma (karma from previous lifetimes) so that you can remember the essence of your divine self.

Your soul establishes a pre-birth agreement to address specific karma created in previous lifetimes (Destiny of the Souls by Michael Newton and Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz) to work through in the incarnation. The pre-birth plan includes the selection of your parents, the ego-mind and body to be used, character strengths and weaknesses, and many other details that can contribute to your spiritual awakening. The purpose of the incarnation is to eliminate the past, or ripe seed karma and to enlighten your soul, to know its divine and sacred connection to God Source.

As you reflect on your life, it is helpful to be aware of your greatest challenges, your dharma or soul purpose, your career path, the significant relationships you have actively participated in, your greatest passions, what you most fear, and what your biggest obstacles are. Answers to these few questions can help you to understand what your soul may be processing and healing through. I provide soul progression readings (see below) that will help you understand what your soul purpose is, within this lifetime, and compare your current life, to two previous past incarnations, to demonstrate the progress your soul had made on its path of enlightenment.

The Greek philosophers noted many thousands of years ago was to KNOW THYSELF. I encourage you to daily reflect on the interactions and relationships you participate within and the activities, thoughts, and beliefs you possess. Be conscious of the challenges and obstacles that you are working through since they will greatly lead you toward what you are learning about yourself and the karma you have the potential to heal. Know your soul and understand the lessons you have established to remember or learn, so that you can get the most out of your life. Namaste



Geof’s Soul Progression Readings ~ Offered this month at $185

A Soul Progression Reading will provide you with clarity on your life purpose, by exploring your passions, desires, fears, beliefs, and attitudes. You were born into this life with a specific soul agreement that you selected to heal through and the soul progression reading will provide insight into the progress, advancement, and development you have accomplished, so far, in achieving that agreement. Your soul made an agreement with your higher self to heal through past karma, to be inspired with new ideals, and enlightened to higher levels of consciousness. The relationships you choose to participate in, the career path your select, the institutions and clubs you join, the activities you get involve with, your passions, desires, attitudes, beliefs, and fears all contribute to the healing your soul seeks by choosing this incarnation.

Through the process of self-hypnosis, Intuitive Medium Geof will align with universal consciousness and access the Askashic records, or the book of the souls, to explore your soul agreement. By recalling past incarnations, Geof will be provided with insight on the karmic patterns that your soul is healing through and offer awareness of your spiritual path of enlightenment. You will be provided a six to eight page report addressing two questions that you submit, in advance of your scheduled meeting, about your soul.

By providing clarity of your soul agreement you will have a greater understanding of your life purpose and a greater appreciation for the choices you make and how they support or compete with your agreement. Peace of mind, tranquility in your heart and clarity in purpose can support you on the understanding of your higher purpose.

Common questions clients ask with their soul progression readings are:

What karma are am I healing through?
What relationships are challenging or significant to me in this incarnation?
What is my purpose in this lifetime?
Why do I have specific passions or fears in this lifetime?
Why do I have specific physical, emotional, or mental imbalances?
Where have I lived in past incarnations?
What healing does my soul seek in this lifetime?
Why do I keep repeating relationship or fear patterns?
How can I find passion and peace in my life?
What past lives are most significant to my current life?
Who are my soul mates and why are we connected?
For your reading, you will select two specific questions to ask and Geof will obtain universal wisdom to provide insight and healing wisdom


Geof’s Upcoming Events


May 4th

Desert Yoga Therapy/ Rancho Mirage, CA

Applying Your Intuitive Nature to Everyday Life Workshop (1PM – 4PM)

To reserve a seat please contact Geof at (562)355-0525


May 10th and 11th

Awakenings Center for Conscious Living/ Laguna Hills, CA

May 10th  In-person readings

May 11th Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self-Discovery (1PM -5PM)

To reserve a seat or schedule a reading please contact Awakenings at (949)457-0797


June 8th

Feeling Groovy Café/Claremont, CA

Exploring Your Karma Workshop (1PM – 4PM)

Gallery Mediumship Demonstration (6:30PM – 8:00PM)

To reserve a seat please contact Feeling Groovy Cafe at (909)480-1711


June 27th through June 30th

Enhanced Wellness Center/Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 27th A Demonstration of Spirit Communication (7PM-8:30PM)

June 29th Energy Balance and Chakra Alignment Workshop (9:30AM – 12:30PM)

June 29th Awareness and Understanding of Your Aura (2PM-5PM)

June 30th Understanding Your Empathic Nature (1PM – 4PM)

To reserve a seat please contact Geof at 562-355-0525


July 6th

The Sacred Journey/Riverside, CA

Exploring Intuition for Everyday Life Workshop (1PM-4PM)

Gallery Mediumship Demonstration (6:30PM – 8:00PM)

To reserve a seat please contact The Sacred Journey at (949) 886-9950.


July 13th

Innerworks Wellness Center/Upland, CA

Exploring Intuition for Everyday Life Workshop (1PM-4PM)

Gallery Mediumship Demonstration (6:30PM – 8:00PM)

To reserve a seat please contact Innerworks at (909)785-3389


July 26th and July 27th Unity Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN

July 28th Unity of the Valley, Minneapolis, MN

Details Forth coming!


Geof Jowett
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