Geof’s  Monthly Message ~ Nature’s Healing Power ~ July 2022
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Geof’s  Monthly Message ~ Nature’s Healing Power ~ July 2022


“ Natural does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

Nature provides a calming harmonic vibration to align your energy body and renew your spirit. There is no better place to heal your heart, clear your mind, or inspire your spirit, then in a mountain forest, on a sandy beach, walking through a colorful meadow of wild flowers, or the rocky palm filled desert canyons to better know yourself and to reflect on life.

Self-care is extremely important to attune and revitalize your emotions, feelings and thoughts, and to connect with the sacred wisdom of Source. All healing comes from within yourself, from the wisdom of your spirit. Nature provides the stillness so that you can sense the solutions that will bring you contentment and peace.

Nature helps you realign your perceptions about yourself in any situation and nurtures you to make choices that bring ease, delight, and fulfillment. Bring appreciation to your heart and gratitude to your mind by being present in the most sacred and Heavenly place ~ nature.


July Monthly Special


Understanding Your Soul Agreement Spiritual Reading

For a limited time I would like to offer a one hour session on the phone, FaceTime, zoom, or in-person on a method I developed to clarify your soul agreement in this lifetime. Together we will explore the archetypical patterns in your significant relationships, the karma you were born with (ripe seed) and the karma you are creating (seed) to define your life path. It’s my passion to help you understand the healing and inspiration your soul seeks. Offered at $150 ($25 off) through July 15.


 Summer Customer Appreciation Special through July 15

45 minute spiritual mediumship readings for returning clients offered at $111. Please message me to receive this discount and let’s connect to spirit. Thanks for your business.



Geof’s Upcoming Events


Awareness and Understanding of Your Chakras

Hosted by AcQpoint Wellness Center Palm Desert, CA

Dates: July 11 & 18  6:00PM – 7:00 PM


The purpose of this  two part workshop is to understand the chakras and the archetypes associated with each chakra. Learn how to align your chakras to promote good physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being through meditation and self-reflection exercises. To register for the meditation series please email Geof at


Bemus Point, NY Readings

Geof will be visiting family July 23 – August 7 and will provide in-person readings in his hometown of Bemus Point, NY. Please contact Geof at 562-355-0525 to schedule a reading. Reading will be offered at a hometown special of $65 for 30 minutes or $85 for 45 minutes.


Geof will be offering three workshops at Lily Dale Assembly this August and these workshops can be attended via Zoom. Contact Lily Dale Assembly at (716) 595 – 8721 to register or learn more.


August 9th 9:30am – 4:30pm Angel Painting Class

Learn how to create your own angel with acrylic painting. Understand the spiritual meaning of colors.


August 10th 9:30am – 4:30pm Understanding Your Aura

Learn how to sense and feel the energies of the auric field. Understand the various layers of the aura and how to balance and align your energy field.


August 11th 9:30am – 4:30pm Developing Your Psychic Abilities

A variety of techniques such as psychic photos, pendulums, sensing auras, telepathy, oracle cards, numerology, and ribbon readings.



Geof Jowett
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