Geof’s Monthly Message~ November 2018 ~ A Healing Knock Knock
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Geof’s Monthly Message~ November 2018 ~ A Healing Knock Knock


A Healing Knock Knock

As a medium, opening the door to the intriguing dimension of the afterlife, and providing compassionate greetings from your loved ones in the spirit world, can be healing, inspiring, and enlightening.

Kind offerings from your spiritual family, on career, family, relationship, purpose, and health and well-being can be most helpful. Spiritual messages offer direction, encouragement, and a unique perspective on all aspects of your life.

Healing messages are creatively and carefully shared through the medium to awaken your understanding of the situations and circumstances of your life. Also, note that as you advance your consciousness you support the evolution of your entire soul family: on earth and in spirit.

Plan some daily time to share a loving thought, sincere prayer, or funny idea with your loved ones in spirit. Perhaps then you can visit with them through the mental communication with a medium now and then and welcome their healing knock knocks, on your heart.

You are not disturbing your loved ones in spirit by having occasional readings. They are eager to assist you so that your soul can get the most out of your earthly visit and so that your soul will progress more toward enlightenment.



Holiday Gift Readings

To celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, provide them a gift certificate for a 30 minute reading to communicate with spirit. Now and through November 30, purchase a 30 minute reading for $65 ($15 savings). Offer is good for the first 20 clients that purchase a gift certificate and the reading should be completed by February, 2019. Please email Geof at to learn more about the gift certificates


Lasting Impressions  A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit


Your instincts may have “coincidentally” led you to check out this book if you are on a path of discovering more about yourself and your place in the universe.

“On earth as it is in heaven” is part of a prayer suggesting we are eternally connected to the Source and thus to “all that is.” Science, through the study of quantum physics, is bringing us closer and closer to this spiritual truth.

This book will give you touching insights into one part of that cosmic dance: the relationship between the spirit world (including pets and signs from nature), you who seek to connect, and the medium who facilitates the connection.

Especially insightful for me were the illustrations of “on earth and in heaven.” The expressions of love, and sometimes forgiveness, from our “soul family” in the spirit world can be very healing for those of us here on earth. But equally helpful and healing are the love, understanding, and sometimes forgiveness that we project to those continuing their spiritual journey in heaven.

Neal Rzepkowski, MD

Registered medium and 2017/18 president of the Lily Dale Assembly, the international center for spiritualism, Lily Dale, NY


Special book promotion:

Purchase a copy of Lasting Impressions from my website and receive a free Allowing Peace CD of guided meditations. The meditations lead you on a journey to connect with loved ones in spirit and spirit guides. Offer is good through November 30.



Geof’s Upcoming Events


November 10th 1PM – 4PM

Desert Yoga Therapy/Rancho Mirage, CA

Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self-Discovery


November 17th

The Sacred Journey/Riverside, CA

Understanding Your Empathic Nature Workshop

(1PM – 4PM)


An Evening of Spirit Communication ~Mediumship Demonstration (6:30PM – 8:00PM)


December 14th (6PM – 9PM)

Stoneworks Wellness Center/Erie, PA

Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self-Discovery

Geof Jowett
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