Geof’s Monthly Message ~ November 2020 ~ Listening : The Art of Compassion
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ November 2020 ~ Listening : The Art of Compassion



Stop! Take a deep breath! Listen! Really listen with your heart and full attention of your mind.

Universal Consciousness is continuously speaking to you through the voice of others, through songs, literature, sounds in nature, many, many other methods.

Can you hear… I mean really hear?! Do you listen with the intention to know, learn, and understand? Stillness and quiet speak with the greatest wisdom. Your family and friends may speak with insightful knowledge if you really listen and feel their message.

To show compassion and kindness in your relationships, kindheartedly listen, compassionately learn what your loved ones are saying to you. Allow them to complete their thoughts with no interruption, even mental disruption from your ego-mind.

Listen! Perhaps they are helping your to more clearly and comprehensively understand something important about your ‘beingness’.

One of my greatest pleasure is deep and fulfilling conversations with good friends and family. No TV, radio, web, or smartphones, just one on one conversations of sharing the wisdom of your soul, and the compassion within your heart. Treasure yourself with attentive and kind conversation.

Listen, learn, and remember the essence of your spiritual nature and hear the wisdom of the universe. Namaste



Gift Certificates


Please note that I offer $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, and $100 (or a specific reading amount) holiday gift cards to share the wisdom and compassion from spirit with your loved ones. To purchase a card pay with Venmo, PayPal, or personal check and I will electronically send a gift certificate. Blessings to all!



Upcoming Event

Becoming Friends With Your Higher Self Workshop

Saturday, November 21st, 10AM to 1PM (Pacific)

~0ffered at $45.00




Your higher self, the voice of your divine spirit, is your wisest council, greatest healer, and most compassionate friend. The purpose of this self-exploring workshop is to develop awareness, listening skills, and methods to be receptive, perceptive, and understanding of your inner guru. Learn how to receive and implement the wisdom of your higher self into your career, relationships, health and wellbeing, and your soul path.  We will explore how to recognize and interpret meaningful insights from your higher self through meditation, dream analysis, automatic writing and self-reflection exercises. Learn how to make your higher self your best friend and most trustworthy companion.


Geof Jowett
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