Geof’s Monthly Message~ October 2018 Communications from Spirit
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Geof’s Monthly Message~ October 2018 Communications from Spirit


Communications from Spirit

Remember that your loved ones in spirit are always communicating with you—through the songs on the radio, the people in your day-to-day life, and your daily circumstances and situations. Be open, be still, reflect, and connect. Loving messages are all around you. Spirit is resourceful and inventive at using many means to say hello, I love you, or you’re okay.

As a medium, usually, specific literal evidence is presented, for example, grandma hand drying the dishes and sweeping the kitchen, or dad sitting in his favorite leather chair reading a history book. These activities and settings help you identify specific loved ones. The greater meaning of a message is symbolic. Perhaps grandma in the kitchen sweeping is communicating a concern about how to clean up family challenges, or dad is asking you to review your history as symbolized by the history books.

A great mystical perspective is presented in every aspect of a reading. As Albert Einstein wisely said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science.” You’re more likely to comprehend the profound but subtle meanings of your loved ones’ mysterious messages after a time of contemplation. A message that’s not understood or is misunderstood probably hasn’t been completely interpreted. I encourage you to actively process the messages and feel their meaning over time.

The most important meaning of any message received will only be completely understood within the heart. Sit with your messages in a tranquil place and sense their significance. Feel the energy of the message. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry presents this concept well in his book The Little Prince, in which he states, “One sees clearly with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

To me, the most fascinating aspect of spirit communication is the level of genius and pure creativity presented in the messages. The artistic quality and creativity used to present specific heartfelt messages and remarkable signs demonstrate the great originality that goes into the loving messages gifted from spirit.

Symbols specific to the spirit and unique to the sitter are masterfully presented to enhance the feeling and healing potential of the message. Spirits have a unique code of communication based on their habits, hobbies, beliefs, life trials, and personality while they were in the physical body. Also, the message is crafted to accommodate the awareness level of the sitter as well as the sitter’s passions, attitudes, and perceptions. For example, I am passionate and fondly aware of nature, so spirit utilizes signs from nature to communicate with me. A butterfly or hummingbird, the breeze blowing, a colorful flower in my path, or an animal totem may be presented at the perfect moment to encourage my understanding of a particular choice or decision.


Lasting Impressions

A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit


Your instincts may have “coincidentally” led you to check out this book if you are on a path of discovering more about yourself and your place in the universe.

“On earth as it is in heaven” is part of a prayer suggesting we are eternally connected to the Source and thus to “all that is.” Science, through the study of quantum physics, is bringing us closer and closer to this spiritual truth.

This book will give you touching insights into one part of that cosmic dance: the relationship between the spirit world (including pets and signs from nature), you who seek to connect, and the medium who facilitates the connection.

Especially insightful for me were the illustrations of “on earth and in heaven.” The expressions of love, and sometimes forgiveness, from our “soul family” in the spirit world can be very healing for those of us here on earth. But equally helpful and healing are the love, understanding, and sometimes forgiveness that we project to those continuing their spiritual journey in heaven.

Neal Rzepkowski, MD

Registered medium and 2017/18 president of the Lily Dale Assembly, the international center for spiritualism, Lily Dale, NY


Special book promotion:

Purchase a copy of Lasting Impressions from my website and receive a free Allowing Peace CD of guided meditations. The meditations lead you on a journey to connect with loved ones in spirit and spirit guides. Offer is good through October 31.


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Geof Jowett
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