Geof’s Monthly Message~ September 2018 ~ Soul Verses Spirit
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Geof’s Monthly Message~ September 2018 ~ Soul Verses Spirit


Soul Verses Spirit

There is a voice within you that is an expression of your spirit, often referred to as your I AM presence, or your intuition. Your intuition is associated with your super-consciousness (sometimes called God-consciousness or Universal-consciousness).

You are a soul, a holograph of God Source, that generates, perceives, and monitors, your conscious awareness. Just as every cell in your body has the magical code for the entire being, your higher consciousness has the mystical information of universal wisdom. Your consciousness is the knowingness of your being, and has the sacred knowledge of the infinite history of your soul. The Akashic records of your soul, or your archives of karma, relationships, and circumstances of all your life experiences, is within the memory of your I AM presence; your universal consciousness.

Your soul knows all but intends for your to have absolute awareness of your I AM presence, and your divine and sacred association with God Source. To access the higher consciousness and recall divine awareness of universal oneness, your soul engages an aspect of it Self to have earthly occurrence.

A portion of your soul, manifests into a spirit, and temporarily employees a specific physical body with the individuality characteristics (i.e.the ego) when it incarnates on the earth plane. The spirit selects a unique body with the characteristics that will best serve the healing and soul agreement it pursues.  Just as you may choose a Halloween costume with a certain personality, your spirit selects a body with specific characteristics and parents that complement the soul agreement to be achieved.

The spirit creates karma within the specific incarnation and when it leaves the physical body at death, the circumstances of the lifetime are reviewed. A new lifetime is carefully planned to continue on the spiritual journey of remembering the essence of your being as divine and sacred Source.

Many asked me why I believe that Source would want pieces of itself (i.e. souls) to go through so many difficult and challenging lifetimes. My higher self tells me that Source realizes it limitless self with undergoing countless incarnations, and understanding the totality of itself with  every emotion, feeling, thought, belief, and idea it experiences.

You are a beautifully blessed aspect of Source, on an eternal voyage to support the knowingness of all there is! Enjoy the journey. Namaste


Geof’s New book:

Lasting Impressions A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit

 “Your instincts may have “coincidentally” led you to check out this book if you are on a path of discovering more about yourself and your place in the universe.

“On earth as it is in heaven” is part of a prayer suggesting we are eternally connected to the Source and thus to “all that is.” Science, through the study of quantum physics, is bringing us closer and closer to this spiritual truth.

This book will give you touching insights into one part of that cosmic dance: the relationship between the spirit world (including pets and signs from nature), you who seek to connect, and the medium who facilitates the connection.

Especially insightful for me were the illustrations of “on earth and in heaven.” The expressions of love, and sometimes forgiveness, from our “soul family” in the spirit world can be very healing for those of us here on earth. But equally helpful and healing are the love, understanding, and sometimes forgiveness that we project to those continuing their spiritual journey in heaven.” ~Neal Rzepkowski, MD, Registered medium and 2017/18 president of the Lily Dale Assembly, the international center for spiritualism, Lily Dale, NY


Special book promotion:

Purchase a copy of Lasting Impressions from my website and receive a free Allowing Peace CD of guided meditations. The meditations lead you on a journey to connect with loved ones in spirit and spirit guides. Offer is good through October 31.


Geof’s Upcoming Events

September 20th – 23rd

be real Retreat/Parks. Victoria British Columbia Canada

Note: I will be offering a workshop on Communicating with Loved Ones in Spirit

4 Days. 5 Healers. 1 Opportunity.
Transform Your Life
Imagine 4 days soaking up the energy, wisdom, and love of 5 healers.
Join us for the be. real Retreat 2018 on September 20-23, 2018, at the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa & Resort in Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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October 25th – 30th

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 An Afternoon of Spirit Communication~ A Gallery Mediumship Demonstration

Saturday, October 27th 3PM- 4:30PM


Understanding Your Empathic Nature Workshop

Sunday, October 28th 10AM – 3PM

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November 1st and 2nd

In-person readings

Santa Rosa, California





Geof Jowett
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