Geof’s Monthly Message ~ September 2020 ~ Befriending Your Higher Self
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ September 2020 ~ Befriending Your Higher Self



Your higher self is the gracious understanding and lovely knowledge of your soul and it exists within you. It is eternal, sacred, divine, and infinite.


Your Higher Self is the awareness of your infinite soul, and connects you to the sacred universal or God consciousness and divine wisdom. Your Higher Self is within you (and not out there) and is described as a pure background consciousness that offers forth its wisdom and directions about where to go and what to do with your life. It is your greatest teacher, best friend, and wisest healer since it knows what your soul needs to progress verses what your soul wants.

The voice of your spirit, that whispering inner voice of guidance to encourage you on your higher path and purpose (dharma) is expressed through your Higher Self. This voice is that part of you that knows where to go, and what to do to get there for your higher good.  The best guide for a meaningful experience is expressed through your Higher Self and with the use of your feelings, premonitions, inspirations, and creative thoughts it can guide you toward the best course of action that serves your soul and humanity.

At times (especially recent times) you may feel alienated from your Higher Self when your ego-mind dominates your consciousness with the fears, judgments, and restrictions of the world. The news, Social Media, the ‘experts’ tend to tell you what is best for your in the form of limited opinions and judgments. Confusion and anxiety is created when your inner ‘knowing’ feels uncomfortable and stressed about harsh attitudes and severe judgements that are not kind and compassionate. We get conditioned to listen to our technology and we rely on mechanical equipment to literally and figuratively guide us through life (i.e. Siri, Google, Alexa, etc..).

May I suggest that you made it a habit to daily make time to connect with your Higher Self? Meditation is one of the greatest methods to provide a moment of stillness to feel and hear your spirit. Perhaps the use of music, writing in a journal, or sitting in nature will inspire the connection to your Higher Self. Gemstones, aromatherapy, affirmations, prayers, automatic writing, yoga, Tai Chi, wellness activities, and artistic endeavors are just a few ways to befriend the intellect and knowledge of your Higher Self.

As with all friendships, in time you will trust and learn to depend on the treasure chest of wisdom that lies buried within your consciousness. May you be blessed with good fortune and an abundance of contentment and joy. The gems of collective understanding and Heavenly  insights await your discovery.




Intuitive Medium Geof Jowett’s Zoom Workshops

Summer/Fall Programs



Awareness and Understanding of Your Aura Workshop

Saturday, September 12th   11:00AM – 2PM (Pacific)

~ offered at $45


Developing Your Ability to Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit Workshop

Saturday, September 19th from 11AM – 2PM (Pacific)

~Offered at $45


Becoming Friends With Your Higher Self Workshop

Saturday, October 3rd 11AM to 2PM (Pacific)

~0ffered at $45.00


Understanding Natural Law Workshop

Saturday, October  17th from 11AM – 2PM (Pacific)

~ Offered at $45


To register for the workshops,  please contact Geof at  (562)355-0525 or Namaste


Of Special Note: You can select three workshops for a discount of: $125 ($42 per class)

You can select all five workshops for a discount of: $200 ($40 per class)


Geof Jowett
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