Geof’s Monthly Message ~ The Purpose of Spirit Communication ~April 2021
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Geof’s Monthly Message ~ The Purpose of Spirit Communication ~April 2021


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science.” ~Albert Einstein

The main purpose of spirit communication is to support the natural law that life is continuous and that consciousness survives the death of the physical body.  Life is eternal! But there are many reasons to get messages from spirit, such as encouragement, direction, appreciation, wisdom, and knowledge about your karma, soul agreement, and the emotional and mental obstacles preventing you from knowing peace and joy.

When you receive a reading, your loved ones in spirit, present themselves according to the most pressing issues in your life, the amount of comfort they have with the medium, the level of awareness you have, and most importantly, your intentions. Specific spirits may present messages in regards to certain issues and circumstances in your life. For example, each soul may select an area to provide messages like career, parenting, family conflicts, romance, karma, life path, health issues, and many more.

The magic and mysticism of a reading though, is how your loved ones inspire the mind of the medium, to present original messages that you would recognize, or that you verify after the reading. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in spirituality, a message has many layers of literal and symbolic significance and it up to you to feel your way to fully and openly interpret the message.

It is my pleasure to serve as the intermediary between your loved ones in spirit and you, to help share the communications so that you may feel their presence and know their love. A medium is not necessary since your loved ones are constantly communicating with genuine signs and messages of encouragement. It is just lovely from time-to-time, to hear from your loved ones through a medium that may provide more clarity and understanding or a different perspective about the messages presented. Blessings and light to you!

(Excerpt from my latest book Lasting Impressions A Mediumship’s Cherished Messages from Spirit)



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Upcoming Events

Zoom Event

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3PM – 6PM Pacific ~ offered at $75

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Zoom Event

Wednesday, May 5 Gallery Mediumship Demonstration

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Friday, May 21st Spirit Communication Gallery Event

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Saturday, May 22nd The Human Energy Field Workshop

10AM-1PM offered at $55

(more details coming)

Geof Jowett
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