Geof’s Monthly Message~Choices: Who Controls Your Mind You or Them? ~ October 2020
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Geof’s Monthly Message~Choices: Who Controls Your Mind You or Them? ~ October 2020

As a spirit within the limitations of a physical body, we are gifted consciousness to think and act as you choose!  You have the ability to freely make choices about what you think, believe, and how you react and respond to your life experiences. What is important for you to continuously reflect on what your intentions are in making your choices , and explore if your  choices support the progression of your karma and the enlightenment of your soul.

The institutions of this world, such as political, religious, educational, and social were created by humans, usually with some self-centered interest and self-serving goals to support and sustain itself. Look at our political parties, for an example, in the United States (since it is close to another election). Each party will only share part of the ‘truth?” about their goals and they will try to avoid the short comings of their candidates (SPIN). Their goal is simply to get your vote for them. Also, the media will only provide stories and dramas to persuade you based on what they want, not what you want or need.

Unfortunately, many people associate with one political party and they do not investigate beyond what the news, sound bite ads, and social media posts share about their party and candidates. With very little investigation, it is very easy for you to research party platforms and the backgrounds of political candidates to discover for yourself their values, morals, choices, and how they have used their power in the past.

The great paradox is that many social systems will try to take away your freedom to make choices. I must say the media tries too be too powerful and influential to our vulnerabilities and fears, and will do all they can to take our choice away. For example, have you actually researched the backgrounds of each presidential candidate with their associations in regards to race relations, social justice, political decisions, social issues, and the use of their power? ( I think you would be very surprised at what you might find, since so many of us have been conditioned by the media) I know….all too well you want to give me (the messenger) hell for even asking you to think for yourself, and research your candidate and political parties because you hate (or should I say your ego hates) the other side so much, or because you might fear what you find.

All I ask is that you be consciousness of each and every choice you make to ensure that it represents your beliefs, passions, desires, and wishes. The good news…..I am not trying to make the choice for you, or by providing one side of the story, as the media often does to direct you. I only ask for you to investigate for yourself, to make choices that make you feel happy and at peace, and that best represent your values.

Lastly, know that my intention is to HELP you understand that you are empowered to make choices, based on a more inclusive evaluation. Of Special Significance: you openly harm yourself by sharing hate, judgment, and intolerance for all. What you say and post represents YOU, and not the political candidate or party you attack. If your candidate or party doesn’t win, then keep your inner peace and do what you can to support, and encourage, and inspire others. Hate is NEVER a good motivator.

I know it is daring (or perhaps crazy) for me to ask you to be open to self-exploration outside the realms of conditioned political, social, religious, etc…beliefs. I have been bullied and badgered on social media many times (by those that claim they are the most tolerate???) but I decided to share these words with you to help you understand you are wiser, better, smarter, and more loving then what the media, and worldly institutions what you to feel when you act from your SPIRIT.

It is such a gift that we get to make choices about what we think, feel, and believe ~ every moment of our lives. We can create HEAVEN, or we can create HELL, with a single thought or action. Respect your choices, because nothing else will show the rest of us who you are, by what you say, do, and think; that ‘s POWER. I respect my choices which come from a conscious and loving place: my spirit. Here’s wishing you creativity, integrity, and honor in the use of your personal choices. Sending you all the best.


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Please join me to pray for peace, compassion, healing, inspiration and guidance. We will say the comforting prayers of the rosary 📿 together. Free blessings to all 💚


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Mediumship Development Circle


I am pleased to be offering an on-line Mediumship Development Circle to help you develop your ability to communicate with your loved ones in spirit. The circle will consist of no more then 10 participants, and you are encouraged to attend at least four of the five Wednesday night classes on the zoom platform. Each 75 minute class with focus on one aspect of spirit communication. The class format will be the same each week with a prayer, mediumship exercise, mediation, mediumship exercise, and closing with a prayer.

Class dates: Wednesdays (Oct. 7, 14, 21, & 28 and Nov. 4) from 6PM to 7:15PM Pacific

Cost is $95 for all five classes.

It is my passion to share and encourage the expansion of consciousness through the communication with the spirit world. I hope you can join me for this fun and encourage adventure. To register please email me at . Namaste



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Please note that I will visit homes in southern California (or within a 6 hour drive) to offer spiritual readings (at least 4 people), workshops, and min-gallery mediumship demonstrations. Please contact me to find out how you can schedule your own personal spiritual event.

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