Getting to Know Your Higher Self ~ Geof’s MonthlyMessage ~ March 2020
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Getting to Know Your Higher Self ~ Geof’s MonthlyMessage ~ March 2020

Getting to Know Your Higher Self


Your higher self is the gracious understanding and lovely knowledge of your soul and it exists within you. It is eternal, sacred, divine, and infinite. It is time to befriend it since it has been waiting for your arrival.


Your Higher Self is your soul, and therefore has access to all the past lives and wisdom your soul has acquired.  Your Higher Self is within you (and not out there) and is described as a pure background consciousness that freely offers its wisdom, and directions about where to go and what to do with your life. Your Higher Self is the voice of your spirit, that whispering inner voice of guidance to encourage you on your higher path and purpose (dharma). Specifically, your Higher Self is that part of you that knows where to go, and what to do, to get there.

At times you may feel alienated from your Higher Self when your ego-mind dominates your consciousness with the fears, judgments, and restrictions of the world. Allow me to share some methods for your to connect to your best friend, wisest teacher, and most knowledgeable teacher ~ your Higher Self. It is your best guide for a meaningful experience with the use of your feelings, premonitions, creative thoughts and insights to steer your toward the best course of action and where you NEED to go (not where you WANT to go).

 Connecting to Your Higher Self

Note that you are always connected to your Higher Self. The illusion of your ego-mind is to make you believe you are detached, unworthy, or foolish. Briefly, here are some ways to connect to the sacred and divine wisdom of your higher self.


  1. Empowerment– being aware that you are part of the Divine and Sacred God Source with the power to create the circumstances of your life. Remember that you are God Energy and the power within you is the same that created the universe.
  2. Intuition – being fully connected to your inner voice, the voice of your spirit. You have direct access to the wisdom of your soul through your Higher Self. Listen and feel your truest and heartfelt desires. Daily ask yourself what do I really want to do now? With a quiet mind meditate and access your authentic self.
  3. Healing – letting go of the cluttered illusions, traumas, unhelpful beliefs, and fears from your past. Be present and know that you are one with all there is.
  4. Prioritization -make a daily date with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is infinite and sacred! It’s that part of you that excites you, and inspires your thoughts, and guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight. You do not need to follow a guru, constantly attend workshops, read books, etc… Communicate with your Higher Self and develop a meaningful relationship with You.


Make a daily date to connect with your Higher Self and develop a long term and meaningful relationships with your soul. Date your SELF! Meditation, mediation, meditation in frequent and short durations of quiet time to feel, listen, and sense your Higher Self. Create a journal that emphasizes communications with your Higher Self so you can focus and be discipline with your meditations. This method is especially helpful for messages you do not understand right away. Also your body reacts and responds to your higher thoughts, feelings, and intuitions so pay attention to your body code; your body reacts to your deep feelings.

Spirit Guides, loved ones in spirit, professionals in your physical world are all helpful in guiding, encouraging, and inspiring you on your earthbound journey. But nothing is more helpful then your divine master of wisdom and your sacred voice of truth ~ your Higher Self. Namaste.



 Medium Geof’s Special Services


House Calls


I now offer house calls to clients in southern California (or if I am traveling to your area) for mediumship demonstration readings to groups of four or more.  Demonstrations can complement parties, celebrations, dinners, or other social gatherings. Contact me at to find out more about hosting a mediumship demonstration.


Mystical Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Mystical Mentorship Program is to share metaphysical ideas and the teachings of the masters, recommend resources, and to provide an opportunity to develop your understanding and enhance your philosophy of natural law.  You can learn from the comfort of your own home one-on-one or with a small group of friends. Using my scientific knowledge, academic experience, and intuitive exploration I will encourage the use of developmental exercises and specific references that can help you achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness.  Each one-hour session (in-person, Skype, or telephone) will be an active interaction of topics and review exercises assigned from previous session. Suggestions will be provided to help optimize your understanding and develop your innate spiritual ability. Each program is customized to your requests for inspiration, healing opportunities or enlightenment wishes to help you on your path toward higher consciousness and inner peace.



Chakra Balancing and Energy Alignment Hike

You may schedule an easy to moderate 1 – 3 mile(s) hike for 1 to 10 people in the sacred canyons of Palm Springs or arrange a hike in your area. Medium Geof will provide affirmations, prayers and exercises to balance your auras and align each chakras on the hike.  To find out more about these healing hikes please contact Geof at





Geof’s 2020 Upcoming Events for March


Lasting Impressions: An Afternoon of Spirit Communication

I will demonstrate a variety of spirit communication techniques to provide evidence of the continuity of life. Encouraging and healing messages you’re your loved ones in spirit will be given to random audience members.  To register for this workshop,  please contact Aquarius Books and Gifts at 541-479-4000.


Saturday, March 28th  22nd  2:00 – 3:30PM

Aquarius Books and Gifts, Grants Pass, OR



Getting To Know Your Higher Self Workshop

Often we rely on technology, friends, and ‘experts’ to help us through the obstacles and challenges of life. Your best friend, wisest teacher, and most inspiring healer is your higher self since it has the knowing to best serve you in all life situations. Also known as you intuition, your higher self is the voice of your soul and it recognizes and provides wise perceptions based on the antiquity of your soul. The most rewarding and enlightening relationship you can develop, is with the aptitude and wisdom of your soul. You will explore methods such as meditation, inspiration speaking, dream analysis, and automatic writing to develop a strong knowing and understanding of the voice of your soul.  Several unique exercises will be shared, to help you appreciate, recognize, and trust the sacred insights of your divine higher self. To register for this workshop,  please contact The Sacred Journey at 951-786-9950.


Sunday, March 29th  11:00 – 2:00PM

Aquarius Books and Gifts, Grants Pass, OR










Geof Jowett
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