Jan. 2016 – Discover Your Ideal Teacher and Healer
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Jan. 2016 – Discover Your Ideal Teacher and Healer


“Knowledge of self is the absolute and all essential basis for knowledge of the Truth. Truth is written into the organism of man…this wisdom is the oldest wisdom in the world.” ~Paul Brunton

Go within to discover the wisest teacher and most gifted healer: thyself. There is no inspirational book, guru or spiritual leader, enlightening class or workshop, radio show, or motivating lecture that can convey Truth as agreeably and pleasingly as you can through accessing your higher consciousness. All universal wisdom is accessible to you by just centering and focusing your awareness within.

It certainly is an interesting place, this earth plane that our soul has chosen to remember the essence of our being as a sacred and divine expression of Source. We have come at a technological time of the supercomputer and the smart phone. Machinery and electronic tools have dominated our energy fields and influenced our physical, emotional, mental, and soul energy bodies.

Although I enjoy accessing information and communicating through social media and electronically, it is important to remind you to surrender your electronic apparatus and free yourself to connect with your own consciousness from time-to-time. No matter how ‘smart’ a phone gets at tracking and recognizing you or how ‘super’ your computer can be at accessing and analyzing data, it will never, ever, ever (and I say with certainty and love) compare to the amazing and brilliant consciousness you have within your being.

Technology is wonderful at helping us to learn more about our universe by presenting facts, data, images, sounds, and information. Nature teaches us that anything excessive is not in the best interest of our being. I know people that sleep, eat, drink, and work continuously with their electronic buddies. In fact, many people have lost the art of personal communication and affectionate interactions as they conceal their spiritual self behind the screens of their electronics devices.

Allow me to suggest that you detach from your electronic devices and focus on those amazing one-on-one conversations with a good friend, enjoy your dinner fully with no interruptions, sleeping with no disruptions, and relaxing without the worry of a message. It can wait because the timing of the universe is always divine.

There is a wise and inspiring teacher within, waiting for you to awaken to it. With the intention of a daily discipline of centering you can access the greatest wisdom of all times. Meditation, self-reflection, automatic writing, and inspirational speaking are helpful methods to unite you with your master teacher, your higher consciousness. Your consciousness is the knowledge of every feeling, belief, thought, emotion, perception, and attitude that you have manifested, experienced, and chosen in all the dimensions, lifetimes, and planes you have ever experienced. Image how truly shrewd, clever, and sensible your consciousness is relative to your I AM presence.

Incidences of disharmony, discord, and conflict encourage the resistance to knowing your higher self. Emotional, mental or soul dysfunction is the foundation for ‘dis-ease’ within the physical body. To heal every aspect of your being, access your heavenly physician, your consciousness, through realizing your sacred soul self. Your higher consciousness knows the root of your ‘dis-ease’ and realizes the most effective remedy to harmonize your emotions, appease your mind, and heal your physical nature.

No matter how effectual and logical smart phone applications or software programs become, they are incapable of the sensibility, wisdom, and power of your higher consciousness. Technology is helpful with limitations and restrictions. Make a resolution to yourself to get to know yourself from inside out. There is a wise guru teacher and master healer waiting for you to visit and remember them. Paul Brunton cleverly stated that, “Who knows his own nature knows heaven.”

Here’s an idea! Use your Smart phone to make appointments for quiet time to meet your wise teacher and master healer. Namaste

Geof Jowett
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