July 2016- The Choice is Yours
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July 2016- The Choice is Yours


geof channeling“We are our choices.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

There is a constant theme in the last six months provided in the readings I have channeled around the subject of choices.  You are eternal and divine expressions of energy with the incredible ability to shift and even alter energy. Each thought, belief, feeling, word, or action you freely select expresses to the universe ‘this is who I Am’.

Being consciously aware of what you are thinking, feeling, saying, or doing results directly in your state of being. If you supply worry, doubt, or anxiety to a situation you then contribute to lowering the energetic vibration toward fear. But, if your choice is to praise, appreciate, or have gratitude and peace to a situation you support a higher vibration of love. The choice is yours. Love verses fear. Peace verse conflict. Joy verses suffering.

Your choices not only affect you, but your family, your community, your nation, and your species. Image each situation you participate in and contribute to the vibration. Do you lower or increase the vibration of your being, your family, your community, and your planet?

Our media is obsessed with offering fear to elections, demeaning people, highlighting disagreement, emphasizing divisiveness and lowering the energy of the planet. Do you contribute to their fear or do you champion elevating the awareness of the planet toward love?

The upcoming presidential election is a great example of the idea I convey to your consciousness about choices. As you support a candidate do you increase the awareness by supporting and praising them or by demeaning their competition? Do you support a candidate because the major political parties have selected them or do you consciously choose someone that is more aligned with yourself? The choice is yours. Your selection of a candidate is a specific energy of expression that influences you, your country, and your world.  Be conscious of your choice and be aware of the consequences of your choice.

To site another example is the response to terrorism. Is the act by the terrorist any more harmful then the fearful response by the media, politicians, or public figures? Do you contribute to the vibrational wave of fear or do you choose to pray and express a sorrowful peace?

There are no judgments from any of these questions (except those that your ego-mind confronts you with) offered in my expression of this essay. The fact that you are still reading my words says your soul wants to embrace loving kindness and inspirational joy. The choice is yours. I appreciate your choices and offer my blessings that your choices enhance the vibration of our planet. Namaste

Geof Jowett
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