Manifesting Your Dharma ~ Monthly Message ~ July, 2023
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Manifesting Your Dharma ~ Monthly Message ~ July, 2023

Manifesting Your Dharma


Dharma is your soul purpose, the reason your spirit has incarnated into this lifetime. I encourage you to be aware of your skills, knowledge, and talents to develop ideas to share these special gifts with the planet. Also, use these gifts with the passions within your heart, so that you can serve others with compassion and kindness.

The Universe is always working with you! Your request is the universe’s command! You create the circumstances and perceptions of your own life. Manifestation is an active process of aligning your mind, heart, and spirit with creating precise results and fulfilling outcomes. The process of manifestation is not a passive process of wanting and demanding results, but rather a heartfelt practice of feeling, knowing, believing, and receiving that which you desire. The successful tools of affirmations, visualizations and journaling, will effectively support your thoughts to build your new reality of manifestation.

To successfully manifest you must believe, behave, and become! Direct your energy to consciously believe in the life changes you desire to achieve. Use the law of action to accomplish meaningful and purposeful tasks and actions to create your manifestation. Become your future self, with the consciousness and attitude to successfully receive and celebrate your accomplishments.  Namaste


Consciousness Coaching

~new services provided by Geof

Giraffe Magic

~ Empowering you with metaphysical wisdom and scientific knowledge to discover the SUPERnatural YOU!

Geof will utilize his scientific knowledge and research to complement his highly developed intuitive nature, to help you realize your inner obstacles and aid in removing the barriers for you to achieve a more compassionate and empowering understanding of YOU. Metaphysical laws and scientific research principles will be shared to allow you to enhance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The grounded and majestic Giraffe teaches you to express yourself with an innovative and a heightened perspective. His gentle, but grand presence generously shares the medicine of being humbly present with sincere intentions and higher awareness.


Consciousness Counseling

Personalized one-one-one active learning sessions to explore your limitless capabilities and plentiful possibilities. After an assessment, Geof will suggest an individualized program to heal and


  • Purposeful Manifestation ~ feeling with mind, body and soulful intentions


  • Valued Visualization ~ realization with conviction and certainty


  • Beneficial Affirmations ~ reprograming with gratitude and determination


  • Inner Knowing ~ remembers your intuitive nature


  • Heightened Perceptions ~ expanding awareness and understanding of universal law


  • Conflict Resolution ~ self-forgiveness and self-compassion


  • Secure Boundaries ~ controlling you energy in relationships


To learn more or schedule your session please mail Geof at






Geof Jowett
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