March 2016 – The World of Spirit
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March 2016 – The World of Spirit


“That life is eternal

And love is immortal

And death is only a horizon

Life is eternal

As we move into the light

And a horizon is nothing

Save the limit of our sight.”

~Carly Simon

Your spirit, within its physical body shell, has a limited perspective when exploring the realms of reality with the use of your physical senses. Scientific instruments demonstrate the existence of things beyond the scope of your physical ability to witness and understand. As you elevate your consciousness during meditation, contemplation, dreaming and doing activities that bring you passion, you can sense other realms outside the limitations of your physical world. As Carly Simon so wisely sings, death is only a horizon into a new dimension of existence. Life of your spirit is eternal and the scope and perspective of your spiritual nature is much more comprehensive and expansive.

Many times, those receiving a reading, inquiry about where their loved ones go when they leave their physical body. The World of Spirit exists in a higher vibrational plane and is the home to your loved ones that have left their physical bodies. Just as multiple frequencies of radio waves exist in the same space, the physical and spiritual planes overlap and exist in the same area. Your loved ones in spirit exist within the same vicinity as you, they are just at a higher vibrational frequency.

As your loved one exists in the spiritual plane, they have the ability to feel your presence and hear your inner voice. They know when you feel sad verses happy, when you feel love verses fear, or guilt verses innocence. Often during a reading, spirit will encourage you to accept your loving, kind, and compassionate nature and surrender your grief, shame, or guilt. Your loved ones in spirit constantly remind you that love your is eternal and that your focus is best on those that your are sharing your life with the physical plane.

From the perspective of the spiritual realm, they do not miss you because they do not have the illusionary limitations that you have within the physical world. Your loved ones in spirit understand that you will always be together and that nothing except the belief within your person’s ego-mind can mistakenly appear to prevent them from communicating with you on a continuous basis. All you have to do is feel them in your heart and accept that your love is everlasting.

Often I am asked what is the World of Spirit like. The book called What Dreams May Come, by Richard Matheson demonstrates that the afterlife is determined from your soul’s very own belief system. Your imagination creates the experience. If you believe the World of Spirit is a garden, a forest, a mountain, or a cloud then you manifest it.

The validations from evidential mediumship provide the verification that your loved ones exist beyond the death of their physical body. For more then one hundred years, professional mediums have maintained the existence of the World of Spirit and have provided messages of how much more freedom, independence, and serenity they experience in spirit. Two of the great pioneers of the modern spiritualism movement, Swedenborg and Jackson Davis refer to the World of Spirit as Summerland, a place of great beauty and peace. Summerland is believed to be a place of rest for souls in between their incarnations on the earth plane and where a soul reflects on their life and the lessons they learned. In the splendor and tranquility of Summerland souls have happy reunions with decreased family and friends and share their memories.

Your loved ones in spirit are not far from your thoughts. Just imagine them on a relaxing and healing vacation enjoying the magnificence of a heavenly place of sharing, inspiration and enlightenment. Call them to you and send your love, affection, and kindness. Create a beautiful day! Namaste

Geof Jowett
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