Meaningful Messages From Spirit ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ May 2018
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Meaningful Messages From Spirit ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ May 2018



Meaningful Messages From Spirit

Being the instrument for receiving the messages from the higher vibration of spirit, and sharing it with you, the sitter, is a great pleasure and honor. It is a humbling experience to allow Spirit to direct the process of your reading. Your loved ones in spirit determine the messages to be impressed to me, the medium, based on the strengths of my abilities, and your memories of them.

Messages can be impressed on the mind of the medium with visuals. I think of my mind as a blank movies screen and your loved ones in spirit can flash a variety of images, like a slideshow or a mini-movie, to convey a feeling and/or message. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. As I scan the image certain details are drawn to my attention, that I will share with you. Spirit may present signature symbols like a butterfly, hummingbird, yellow roses, etc… to remind you of their presence. The astonishing part of the reading for me, is the level of innovation and creativity Spirit impresses, to offer many levels of meaning to the image presented.

Spirit may also present sounds, that I can hear with my ‘psychic ears’ and communicate dates, names, locations, and even complete dialogues to convey their loving messages to you. I often enjoy the music that is presented, to set a mood or feeling,  or a literal song associated with them. Also, they may convey sounds into my mind, associated with the beach, mountains or a specific hobby they enjoyed.

The third method of communication from spirit involves the use of my sensory perceptions such as smell, taste, and touch. I can often smell or taste a food prepared, or sense a perfume or smell associated with a hobby or activity (e.g. gardening or engine repair). I can enjoy the taste of a favorite food like apple pie, roast beef, or strawberry ice cream. Also, I can sometimes even sense their personality and sorrows or joys that had, while on the earth plane.

Reading messages are as much art and science. There are many levels of meaning presented during a spiritual reading, far beyond the content of a piece of evidence, or an inspirational idea. It is most important for you to take time to sit with the messages, and determine their comprehensive meanings. In my experience, I have found that messages are very accurate, but if they are not fully interpreted, then their meaning is not as influential. Remember that just sensing Spirit’s presence, during your reading, is a healing and loving gift.

I appreciate you trusting me with conveying the messages from your loved ones in spirit. Create a beautiful day and look, feel, and sense your loved ones calling to you.





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Lasting Impressions

A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit

 Your instincts may have “coincidentally” led you to check out this book if you are on a path of discovering more about yourself and your place in the universe.

“On earth as it is in heaven” is part of a prayer suggesting we are eternally connected to the Source and thus to “all that is.” Science, through the study of quantum physics, is bringing us closer and closer to this spiritual truth.

This book will give you touching insights into one part of that cosmic dance: the relationship between the spirit world (including pets and signs from nature), you who seek to connect, and the medium who facilitates the connection.

Especially insightful for me were the illustrations of “on earth and in heaven.” The expressions of love, and sometimes forgiveness, from our “soul family” in the spirit world can be very healing for those of us here on earth. But equally helpful and healing are the love, understanding, and sometimes forgiveness that we project to those continuing their spiritual journey in heaven.

Neal Rzepkowski, MD Registered medium and 2017/18 president of the Lily Dale Assembly, the international center for spiritualism, Lily Dale, NY



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