November 2015 – Intuition: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
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November 2015 – Intuition: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

The purpose of this essay is to make you more aware how to you access your inner voice and to understand and apply your intuition so that you can live a more fulfilling, peaceful and joyful life.

Intuition is the power and ability to acquire knowledge without inference, observation or the use of reason; it all comes from within.    It can be defined too as the act of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes and the feelings, hunches, ideas, impressions and suspicions related to things. So in other words, you do not need to Google, research, or inquiry in outside resources to know the answer; it’s all within you.

Your intuition is often referred to as your knowing, or inner voice. Your knowing is always right! How then can your intuition change about a specific situation, relationship, or circumstance and how can your intuition be different from someone else’s? Intuition is based on your personal and internal experiences. Since no two people have exactly the same experiences their point-of-view varies and therefore their intuition could be diverse. Your inner knowing is subjective based on your perspective from your life understanding.

Inner knowing is based on the present moment, the now. At this specific moment, based on all your understanding, your intuition presents a feeling about a situation. In time, things change and so does your perspective. Your intuition about a specific event might change from one day to the next, but that does not make it wrong.

All knowing must complement knowledge. Intuition is not your imagination or fantasy about some situation, it is the actual knowing of the specific conditions or circumstances associated with the situation. Your inner knowing should correspond and match the actual facts.

Often terms like instinct, psychic or mediumship are confusingly used with the term intuition. Your instinct is your lowest level of knowing or the fight or flight survival response and all animals have this basic level of knowing to live and thrive.

With your psychic abilities you are actually picking up on signals that others are broadcasting or carrying in their energy field. This process is not about going within to your knowing, but rather you are reaching outward for information. As a medium, you are also sensing energies external to yourself and connecting with the unique energies of a person who has died and you convey specific evidential and inspiration information accurately. Remember, that intuition is an inner awareness or knowing without knowing how we know and drawing on past, present or future insight.

Edgar Cayce presented the idea that you actually have three levels of awareness, which I believe may help you better understand your intuitive abilities. The lowest level of your awareness is your conscious mind, your ego self, that you use to obtain sensory information externally from yourself. For example, you can sense the temperature, humidity, and environmental factors for survival and general well-being. The next level of awareness is associated with your subconscious mind. This allows for your external telepathic awareness of others’ thoughts and experiences and is used as your psychic abilities. Your highest level of awareness is your super conscious (higher self or overself) which is your inner knowing. You are connected to universal consciousness (God consciousness) through the law of unity and oneness and obtain information from within your higher mind. Intuition is linked to your super consciousness.

The most important aspect of understanding your inner voice is to be able to recognize the signs and symbols and then to properly interrupt them. The recognition so the signs are easy with a calm and tranquil mind. To take five to ten minutes several times a day to acknowledge the messages offered to you is the best gift you can give to yourself. The signs are like road signs, they help guide you on a safe, fulfilling, and enlightening journey.

As you begin to recognize the signs, it is important to develop a means to interpret them with your highest level of intuition, your feeling nature of knowing. Symbols are your own secret code and it requires for you to decipher and develop your very own secret language.

Signs and symbols have literal meanings but they more importantly have symbolic significance. A valuable aspect of using signs is how you make associations and assign meaning to your signs. You essentially assign meaning to the signs based on your own life experiences, since it is your knowing based on your unique personal world of the universe. Ask yourself, what are you feelings? What emotional responses are you having? What mental information you associate with the sign? You are responsible for developing your own personal language and therefore will enhance your ability to communicate with your higher self. Intuition is really a lesson in communicating with yourself!

Next month, I will review the types of intuition that you see, hear, and feel with. My I encourage you to listen to your intuition and keep a journal of the continuous messages that you receive. Learn to listen to yourself, you have all the answers you need within your higher mind, your inner voice.   As Eileen Caddy so wisely said, “Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.” Namaste and may the signs be with you!

Geof Jowett
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