October 2015 – Serving the World of Spirit
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October 2015 – Serving the World of Spirit

 As a medium, I have the privilege and honor to provide communications from your loved ones in the spirit world. Imagine how excited, and even anxious your loved ones are in the spiritual realm, when you take time to meet with a medium so that they may convey messages of encouragement, forgiveness, inspiration, hope, and love to you. Since they no longer have the physical means to effectively communicate to you, it brings them great pleasure to use a medium to speak on their behalf.

It is important for you to know that I serve the spiritual realm first and foremost when offering a mediumship reading. I open my psychic senses to allow them to communicate through me to you. I do not choose who will come through in a reading, for they know who can offer the best messages and who I will be able to hear, feel, and sense the clearest in your soul family. Secondarily, I serve you, the sitter, and do the best I can to provide clear, concise, and detailed messages from your loved ones.

By allowing my consciousness to blend with the higher vibrational frequency of your loved one in spirit, I can feel them strongly and present evidence that I have connected with a specific loved one in spirit. For example, I do not want to tell you I have a grandma here and she loves you; that’s too general. I would like to offer you specific evidence like her name, hobbies, important events in her life, illness and diseases, details about her family, what she liked to do, say or perhaps eat. By offering as many details as I can, it will ensure you that we have a direct link with a specific loved one.

Each spirit comes through differently and therefore it can be sometimes quite challenging to get specific details. Your loved ones will be so pleased that you have opened yourself up to them that they will do their best to let you know they are with you.

Once we have confirmed the spirit, they often like to share their appreciation and gratitude for things you have done for them. They also like to usually provide some friendly advise and warm encouragement as they see your life from a higher perspective. Spirit does not predict your future, for you create your future with each present moment choice. They can offer a sense of direction and counsel on choices you are considering and bestow their loving blessings to you. Even if your relationship with your loved one was challenging, there is always great opportunity to heal with the freedom of forgiveness.

It was my great privilege to study with Mavis Pittilla in September to refine my skills as a spiritual medium. Mavis is from the Authur Findlay College in England, and is a one of the best-known teachers of evidential mediumship. She has worked all over the world for over forty years and has taught some of the most well know mediums. I learned so much wisdom and spiritual knowledge with her and it was a pleasure to be in her kind and loving energy.


Geof Jowett
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