Allowing Peace Meditation CD
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Allowing Peace Meditation CD


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The Allowing Peace CD was designed to assist in achieving a deeper state of relaxation, and to help intuitively obtain messages and healings from your Spirit Guides. Also, this CD will help you to establish a stronger personal connection and a more extraordinary relationship with your Spirit Guides. This meditation CD can be a powerful tool to enhance your awareness of the messages constantly provided from Spirit and to help develop a code of communication with your Spirit Guides.


Each of the six meditation enables you to incorporate a current life issue or a soul concern so that you can receive insight, wisdom and inspirational from your Spirit Guides as you explore and journey to; a library of enlightenment, a garden of guidance, a tropical island with intuitive treasures, an inspirational meadow, a sacred temple, or ride on the great white eagle to an ancient mountain forest. The harp is used in each meditation to provide the vibration of healing energy that relaxes your mind and elevates your consciousness allowing you to more easily receive the healing power and inspiring messages from Spirit.


Let the vibration of the harp and the gentle voice of Medium Geof help you to receive healing and inspirational messages from your Spirit Guides. Relax and allow yourself to be gifted with the beautiful wisdom of Spirit and the therapeutic and remedial benefits of meditation. It is suggested that you maintain a journal of the messages that you will receive from your Spirit Guides during the mediations on this CD.

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