Harmonizing the Chakras of Consciousness Meditation CD
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Harmonizing the Chakras of Consciousness Meditation CD


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Harmonizing Your Chakras of Consciousness was created to assist you in balancing each of your seven major chakras to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and to help synchronize your awareness with universal consciousness. Chakras are energetic transformational centers of consciousness that vibrate at specific musical keys and allow for optimum physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Maintaining a balanced and harmonious continuous flow of energy through each chakra, leads to an increased sense of peace, harmony, and stability. Utilizing the teachings of the archetypes of Carl Jung, you are encouraged to align with the higher archetypes for each chakra (i.e. root/mother; sacral/emperor or empress; solar plexus/warrior; heart/lover; throat/communicator; third eye/intuitive; and crown/guru).


This CD complements the book The Power of I Am Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness written by the co-producer of this CD. You are encouraged to reflect on the seven energy-transforming chakra centers as levels of consciousness and use affirmations to align your chakras. Allow the vibration of the piano help you to harmonize and align your chakras. Relax and allow yourself to be gifted with the beautiful wisdom of higher consciousness and healing of your energy body.


Harmonizing Your Chakras of Consciousness contains the following seven meditations:


Track 1: The Nurturing Mother (Root Chakra)


The nurturing mother meditation was composed to harmonize the root chakra with the Key of C. The nurturing mother archetype enables you to take care of your physical and emotional needs and to nurture your life force. Deeply rooted and grounded in the earth, the mother archetype has the ability to realize love of self and to nurture and love others.


Track 2: The Pleasurable Emperor/Empress (Sacral Chakra)


The pleasurable emperor/empress meditation was composed to harmonize the sacral chakra with the Key of D. The emperor/empress archetype allows for beautiful and good things to be apart of your life. By bringing pleasurable and joyful experiences into your life, you become more comfortable with abundance, prosperity, success, and personal happiness.


Track 3: The Empowered Warrior (Solar Plexus Chakra)


The empowered warrior meditation was composed to harmonize the solar plexus chakra with the Key of E. The warrior archetype is empowered, confident, and takes control of your personal power. By standing up for yourself, believing in yourself and respecting yourself as warrior enables you to be more responsible, optimistic, and enthusiastic about developing your own personal power.


Track 4: The Compassionate Lover (Heart Chakra)


The compassionate lover meditation was composed to harmonize the heart chakra with the Key of F. The lover archetype is in the compassionate awareness that love is the center of your life and love is present moment focused. By having love in the center of your life, the lover awareness allows you to be equally receptive and comfortable with receiving love as you are giving love. The lover awareness knows to love life as it is and love for the sake of loving.


Track 5:The Truthful Communicator (Throat Chakra)


The truthful communicator meditation was composed to harmonize the throat chakra with the Key of G. The communicator archetype allows you to speak openly and freely with clarity, honesty, and with sacred intention. Through creative and freedom of expression you are enabled to offer integrity and to express from your mind and heart and stand up for what you say.


Track 6: The Wise Intuitive (Third Eye Chakra)


The wise intuitive meditation was composed to harmonize the third eye chakra with the Key of A. The intuitive archetype allows you to use your gift of insight, imagination, and wisdom to understand the essence of life. Freely accessing your deepest wisdom allows you to access your inner knowing to provide guidance through life and to recognize and believe in the synchronicity of life.


Track 7: The Enlightened Guru (Crown Chakra)


The enlightened guru meditation was composed to harmonize the crown chakra with the Key of B. The guru archetype recognizes the beauty and grace of your spirituality are fully connects you to the awareness of your higher self. Through your higher consciousness, you are more open to receive love and wisdom from your higher self and you have a mastery of the spiritual plane but accepting the essence of yourself as love.



Jack Bennett is a pianist and composer, business management consultant/partner and a grandfather of three and he resides is Southern California.  All compositions in this CD are created from the inspiration of Geoffrey Jowett’s writings.  “This collaboration with Geoffrey has been a thrilling, exhilarating and joyous experience for me.”

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