Lasting Impressions: A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit
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Lasting Impressions: A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit


The natural and supernatural worlds are deeply intertwined. And though many of us may have difficulty accessing the spirit world, there are those among us who have the ability to sense and connect with the unseen world of spirit, bridging the gap and linking them together for us.

In Lasting Impressions, author and medium Geoffrey Jowett invites us on his remarkable lifelong journey serving the spirit world, where he accepted the honor and reverence of being a medium–a voice for beings who have crossed the bridge into spirit. From his earliest memories of staring with awe and wonder at the luminescent entities that would visit him as a child, to his life of training and cultivating his interest in spirituality and higher consciousness, Geoffrey shares his calling and joy to be communicating messages from the higher vibrational plane of spirit.

The main purpose of spirit communication is to support the natural law that life is continuous and eternal! Therefore, consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Beyond that, spirits have many reasons to give messages, such as those of encouragement, direction, appreciation, and wisdom. Hear in Lasting Impressions these compelling messages, and be a part of the link between the natural and the spiritual.

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Paperback, Hardcover

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