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Geof’s Services


As a medium Geof provides detailed evidence and perceptive messages from your loved ones in spirit. As an intuitive, Geof offers awareness of your soul’s path, karma and past lives. Blending his scientific experience with his intuition, Geof can recognize imbalances within the aura and chakras and provides methods to achieve healing. With over twenty years experience as a college anatomy and molecular biology instructor, Geof also provides custom mentorship programs and workshops on subjects such as; developing intuition, mediumship development, exploring your karma, sensing auras and chakras developing meditation.

Chakra Balancing and Energy
Alignment readings/Psychic Ribbon Reading
Mediumship readings:
In Person, Gallery/Group, or
Soul Progression Reading
Mentorship Program

Purpose of A Reading


The main purpose of communicating with your loved ones in spirit is to continue to share love. Your loved ones will validate the universal law of the continuity of life and the universal law of unity and oneness: that life is continuous and that we are all one with God Source.
Expect tremendous healing from the messages from the world of spirit. Unresolved family matters, unspoken emotions, misguided information, assumed feelings, and especially forgiveness are the many blessing of being in contact with your loved ones in spirit. Many times, your relationships are better understood and mended through effective communication with your loved ones in spirit. You may have a clearer understanding and a greater sense of peace when hearing from your loved ones.
Often your loved ones in spirit communicate to release you from your fears of guilt, shame, worry, loneliness, and hate. Spirit is very good at sharing what is in their hearts, and the universal wisdom that we are all one and connected and it is impossible to be separated from one another. Spirit may also help give some suggestions about your current life situations, and encourage you to grow.
Spirit communication is NOT about telling you how to live your life, because that is your soul’s journey. Spirit does not make decisions for your day to day challenges. Do not expect for spirit to control the different outcomes of your life and to make things happen for you. Your loved ones in spirit can offer some sensible and creative advice though, for they see things from a greater perspective.
All souls have the gift of free will and therefore, a spirit cannot be willed into showing up for a reading. You can anticipate and ask for specific relatives and friends in spirit to show up for the reading, but spirit have journeys of their own. Just because a loved one does not show up for a reading does not mean that they are not present. Mediums all have different energies and may not connect with a specific spirit.
During a reading, your loved ones will provide specific, but subtle details of evidence that only you may know. It might be a name, location, date, flower, movie, or a common household item, but somehow they will provide specific evidence so that you know they are present.
Once a connection is made, an inspirational message may be relied to you or someone you know. Accept the message with love and do not be frustrated if the message does not have immediate meaning. Your loved ones in spirit might inspire you to a higher level of awareness about your soul or physical life, share universal wisdom, help you to surrender your fears so that you can heal, or just make your heart smile. Just enjoy the gentle and kind compassionate messages of a special friend from spirit, for it is a great comforting pleasure.
In-person, Skype, and phone readings are equally effective in providing accurate healing and inspirational messages. The vibrations of spirit have no barriers. The best advice in choosing the type of reading depends more on how you best receive information. If you are a visual person, and want to feel a more personal, one-on-one connection with a medium, then it is recommended that you sit with the medium in-person. If you are a good listener, and feel the vibrations of words, and feel more comfortable expressing your emotions in the comfort of your own home, then a phone reading might be a better choice for you.