Soul Progression Reading
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Soul Progression Reading

A Soul Progression Reading will provide you with clarity on your life purpose, by exploring your passions, desires, fears, beliefs, and attitudes. You were born into this life with a specific soul agreement that you selected to heal through and the soul progression reading will provide insight into the progress, advancement, and development you have accomplished, so far, in achieving that agreement. Your soul made an agreement with your higher self to heal through past karma, to be inspired with new ideals, and enlightened to higher levels of consciousness. The relationships you choose to participate in, the career path your select, the institutions and clubs you join, the activities you get involve with, your passions, desires, attitudes, beliefs, and fears all contribute to the healing your soul seeks by choosing this incarnation.

Through the process of self-hypnosis, Intuitive Medium Geof will align with universal consciousness and access the Askashic records, or the book of the souls, to explore your soul agreement. By recalling past incarnations, Geof will be provided with insight on the karmic patterns that your soul is healing through and offer awareness of your spiritual path of enlightenment. You will be provided a six to eight page report addressing two questions that you submit, in advance of your scheduled meeting, about your soul.

By providing clarity of your soul agreement you will have a greater understanding of your life purpose and a greater appreciation for the choices you make and how they support or compete with your agreement. Peace of mind, tranquility in your heart and clarity in purpose can support you on the understanding of your higher purpose.

Common questions clients ask with their soul progression readings are:

  • What karma are am I healing through?
  • What relationships are challenging or significant to me in this incarnation?
  • What is my purpose in this lifetime?
  • Why do I have specific passions or fears in this lifetime?
  • Why do I have specific physical, emotional, or mental imbalances?
  • Where have I lived in past incarnations?
  • What healing does my soul seek in this lifetime?
  • Why do I keep repeating relationship or fear patterns?
  • How can I find passion and peace in my life?
  • What past lives are most significant to my current life?
  • Who are my soul mates and why are we connected?

For your reading, you will select two specific questions to ask and Geof will obtain universal wisdom to provide insight and healing wisdom.