Spirit Communication/Geof’s Monthly Message, November 2017
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Spirit Communication/Geof’s Monthly Message, November 2017

It is with great delight I share with you that I have completed the manuscript for my new book to be released at the beginning of 2018 called Last Impressions: A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit. I will be sharing passages from the book for my next few newsletters, including this one. The purpose of Lasting Impressions is to show my appreciation to the spirit world and commemorate my twenty-five inspiring years as a professional intuitive medium. I will let you know more about the book in the coming weeks.

This first writing is from a portion of the introduction of the book. Please enjoy and share your thoughts. Blessings!

Spirit Communication

The main purpose of spirit communication is to support the natural law that life is continuous and eternal! Therefore, consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Beyond that, spirits have many reasons to give messages, such as those of encouragement, direction, appreciation, and wisdom. As a sitter, you may also seek knowledge about your karma, soul agreements, and the emotional and mental obstacles preventing you from knowing peace and joy.

When you receive a reading, your loved ones in spirit present themselves according to several variables. These usually include: the most pressing issues in your life, the amount of comfort the spirit has with the medium, your own level of awareness, and most important, your intentions for the reading. Certain spirits may present messages relating to particular issues and circumstances in your life. For example, each spirit may choose to provide messages in a certain area or areas, such as career, parenting, family conflicts, romance, karma, life path, health issues, and many more.

Just as you have free will to have a reading, your loved ones in spirit have the freedom to choose whether or not they will communicate during the reading. It’s rare that specific loved ones don’t show up for a reading. They are usually most eager to share messages to support and encourage your spiritual growth and your earthly well-being. The sequence in which spirits present themselves during a reading is astonishing to me. They know when they have information that will be most helpful for you at any given time.

The magic, or mysticism, of a reading is how your loved ones inspire the mind of the medium to present original messages you will recognize or can verify after the reading. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For the medium, the process involves opening the mind to act like a blank movie screen to allow spirits to send images, feelings, and sounds that both the medium and sitter can relate to and understand. A message can have many layers, with both literal and symbolic significance. It’s up to you, the sitter, to fully and personally interpret the message.

It’s vital for the spirit, the medium, and the sitter (you) to all actively work to support the enchanted process of mediumship. The more engaged you are with the process, the more insightful wisdom and compassionate understanding you will obtain from the reading. Be open, honest, and willing to research the things that don’t make sense to you at the time of the reading. I feel it’s most important for you to record the reading and/or take notes during the reading so you can refer to the messages later and perhaps gain a higher awareness from them.


Holiday Gift Certificates

Connect your loved ones in spirit with your earthy family and friends for the holidays. You may purchase a dollar amount toward a reading ($10, $20, $30, $40, or $50) or purchase a 45-minute reading for $100 ($10 savings)

To purchase a gift certificate please email Geof at mediumgeof@yahoo.com. You can send a check or pay via PayPal and Geof can electronically send a gift certificate to you. Love, encouragement, and inspirational messages for the holidays from those we love n spirit is a blessing!


Geof’s Upcoming November Events


November 1: Urban Yoga/Palm Springs, CA

6PM- 7:30PM Align Your Chakras Meditation Class

*contact Geof to register (mediumgeof@yahoo.com)


November 11: Desert Yoga Therapy/Rancho Mirage, CA

1PM – 4PM Developing Your Intuition Workshop

*contact Geof to register(mediumgeof@yahoo.com)


November 19: The Sacred Journey/Riverside, CA


1:00PM – 5:00PM Developing Your Intuition Workshop

6:30PM- 8:00PM Gallery Mediumship Demonstration Event

*contact The Sacred Journey to reserve a seat at 951-786-9950




Geof Jowett
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