Staying Grounded on Lockdown ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ April 2020
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Staying Grounded on Lockdown ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ April 2020


My meditations have disclosed to me that the current situation of the world has many benefits for resetting priorities, refreshing intentions, reflecting on actions, and revitalizing our spirits.  You manage your own sense of awareness and this influences your perceptions about your life, and who you are. How you choose to experience this situation is your choice.

Fear seems to be the loud and scary message that travels  through the media like thunder scaring our friends and family, and causing undue stress and anxiety. Love is the soft and subtle energy that inspires and encourages through the darkness of fear. Let’s commit to each other that we will love ourselves enough to find gratitude, appreciation, and inner peace.

I am no expert on eliminating fear, but I do try consciously to detach from its dark angst and resistant nature. Allow me to share some suggestions to help you find a sense of interconnectiveness with your spirit and grounding to this amazing vacation spot of your spirit called planet Earth. Namaste


Grounding and Energy Replenishing Techniques


  1. Time Management
  • Prioritize personal time to replenish your energy and relax
  • Self-reflection and meditation a few times per day to establish inner calmness and tranquility
  • Provide times for mind, body, emotion, and soul activities


  1. Establishing Boundaries
  • Set firm emotional boundaries, try not to take things personally, and know when enough is enough
  • Develop boundaries in helping others so that you can maintain your equilibrium
  • Regulate intimacy with space and reciprocity and guard against ego-related behaviors
  • Your time on social media and watching the news


  1. Detach your mind with meditation, journaling, prayer, or self-reflection exercises
  • Be conscious and adaptable to change
  • Master your inner chaos
  • Pray daily to heal, inspire, encourage, r for thanksgiving
  • Automatic write in a journal getting to know your spirit


  1. Being in the presence of nature
  • Nature helps balance the nervous system
  • Nature encourages harmony in mind, body, and spirit
  • Be autonomous and allow for alone time


  1. Be in your body!
  • Physical exercise will reconnect you with your body such as flexibility, strength and awareness exercises
  • Use exercises that emphasize body awareness such as Pilates, yoga, Thai Chi, that bring you back to your body
  • Pay attention to your nervous system which speeds up heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, etc.. . Deep breathing to calm and center self are helpful when the nervous system overacts


  1. Develop Emotional Immunity
  • Be aware of how you feel with specific people and in specific spaces
  • If someone is hazardous to your health limit your interactions
  • If certain events cause anxiety then avoid them as much as you can
  • Consciously weed out thoughts, feelings, and emotions that no longer serve you
  • Establish a social network of empaths to share your experiences and support one another


  1. Simple Pleasures
  • Color, paint, draw
  • Read a book
  • Write a story
  • Take a bath
  • Cook yourself a delicious dinner
  • Play your favorite music, movie, or TV show
  • Revisit your hobbies


  1. Human Contact
  • Call friends from different chapters of your life
  • Reach out to someone that may be alone
  • Write thank you notes to friends or family members
  • Send a thank you note to someone who changed your life



Geof’s Upcoming Events for April


Understanding and Aligning Your Chakras Zoom Online Workshop

Discover how to balance, align, harmonize, and heal your chakras. Aligning Your Chakras of Consciousness is an interactive online workshop on the anatomy of your energy field and chakras. Appreciate how you can work with your energy body to transform and optimize your physical health and emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being through chakra alignment techniques.  Self reflection exercises of the archetypical patterns you use in your current relationships with provide insight to the healing that your soul is seeking and the opportunities for you to heal and achieve higher consciousness. Geof will provide insight on the correlations between the energy within your aura and the emotional, mental, and spiritual circumstances of your current life experience.  The workshop includes meditations, journaling exercises, developing personal affirmations and prayers for inspiring harmony and balance in your chakras.  The presentation is based on Geof’s book The Power of I Am Aligning the Chakras of Consciousness. Please contact Geof at or phone at 562-355-0525 to register for this online workshop

Saturday, April 25th from 1PM to 4PM (Pacific Time Zone) Cost is $45

Geof Jowett
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