The Spirit World ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ May 2020 
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The Spirit World ~ Geof’s Monthly Message ~ May 2020 


This text is from the opening chapter of my latest book Lasting Impressions A Medium’s Cherished Messages From Spirit. I would like to share this section of my book, since many clients asked questions about the world of spirit this last month.


Many times, clients receiving a reading inquire as to where their loved ones went when they left their physical body. The world of spirit that’s home to these loved ones exists in a plane of higher vibration than this physical plane. Just as multiple frequencies of radio waves exist in the same space, the physical and spiritual planes overlap. You normally can’t see your loved ones in spirit because they’re vibrating at a higher frequency than you are. However, they have the ability to feel your presence and hear your inner voice. They know when you feel sad or happy, when you feel love or fear, guilt or innocence.

Often during a reading, those in spirit will encourage those receiving the message to accept their own loving, kind, and compassionate nature and surrender their grief, shame, or guilt. They constantly remind my clients that their love is eternal and it’s best to focus their attention on those they’re currently sharing their life with on the physical plane.

From the perspective of your loved ones in the spiritual realm, they don’t miss you because they don’t have the illusionary limitations you have in the physical world. They understand you will always be together and nothing except the mistaken belief within your ego-mind can prevent them from communicating with you on a continuous basis. All you have to do is feel them in your heart and accept that your love is everlasting.

Often, I’m asked what the world of spirit is like. I believe the book called What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson demonstrates that the afterlife is determined by your soul’s own belief system. Your imagination creates the experience. If you believe the world of spirit is a garden, a forest, a mountain, a cloud, or a reality similar to our natural world, you will manifest that reality.

Validations from evidential mediumship prove that your loved ones exist beyond the death of their physical body. For more than one hundred years, professional mediums have maintained the existence of the world of spirit and have provided messages from those who have passed over of how much freedom, independence, and serenity they experience in spirit.

Two of the great pioneers of the modern Spiritualism movement, Emanuel Swedenborg and Andrew Jackson Davis, refer to the world of spirit as Summerland, a place of great beauty and peace. Based on their spirit communications, these spiritualists believed Summerland to be a place of rest for souls in between their incarnations on the earth plane, where souls reflect on their life and the lessons they learned. In the splendor and tranquility of Summerland, souls have happy reunions with deceased family members and friends and share their memories.

Your loved ones in spirit are not far from your thoughts. Just imagine them on a relaxing and healing vacation enjoying the magnificence of a heavenly place of sharing, inspiration, and enlightenment. Call them to you and send your love, affection, and kindness. They are eager to give you uplifting messages and let you in on truths that are obscured by the realities of the earth plane.



May Special

Mediumship readings for 45 minutes offered at $110 ($15 savings through May 30- just refer to my monthly message to get the discount)


Lasting Impressions A Medium’s Cherished Messages From Spirit is available on Amazon in hard cover, soft cover or electronically. I also offer the book on my website.



Upcoming Zoom On-Line Workshops


Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self-Discovery

Saturday, May 164h  11AM – 2PM (Pacific )

The purpose of this workshop is to become more aware of the current karma you are healing through, and to explore ways to overcome certain karmic circumstances.  Through self-reflection excises and in-depth conversations, you will explore the karma in your family, work, and relationships.


Developing Your Psychic Abilities Workshop

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 11:00am– 2:00pm (Pacific)

Become aware of how you continuously use your psychic abilities to perceive and respond to the many situations and circumstances of your life. Learn how to master the ability to use your extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal (physical world) senses. Actively practice and develop your ability to use your clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), and your clairsentience (clear- sensing) to identify specific signs and symbols associated with your perception of the universe. Much of this workshop will focus on assisting you interrupt the sign and symbols so that you can effectively receive messages from spirit and universal wisdom through your higher consciousness.


Implementing Your Intuition into Your Daily Life

Saturday, June 6th 11AM to 2PM (Pacific)

Your intuition, the voice of your divine spirit, is your wisest council, greatest healer, and most compassionate friend. The purpose of this self-exploring workshop is to develop awareness, listening skills, and methods to be receptive, perceptive, and understanding of your inner guru. Learn how to receive and implement your intuitive nature into your career, relationships, health and wellbeing, and your soul path.  We will explore how to recognize and interpret meaningful intuitive signs and symbols through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.


Each workshop is $45. Two workshops is $80. All three workshops is $115. Please contact Geof at or phone 562-355-0525 to reserve your place and Zoom meeting codes will be provided. Much Peace!

Geof Jowett
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